Behold The Mark Of The Beast

early every Christian is keenly aware that the
Bible warns of a certain "mark of the beast" that must never
be accepted. Yet few Christians are aware that they have already
accepted government identification and licenses that are the
slippery slope leading to the final "mark" of the beast.

Revelation 13:17 explains that in the end times
people will not be able to "buy or sell" without "the mark,
OR the name of the beast, OR the number of his
name." The name and number of the beast are already an accepted
part of every citizen's daily business, and wholeheartedly accepted
by mainstream Christianity.

The "name" of the beast is a person's
name spelled in all capital letters. It is a distinct identity created
by government (the beast). A state issues a driver's license to John
Doe in all capital letters
same is true of a credit card, a bank checking account and the Social
Security card. The created "person" does not have the same
God-given rights as the flesh and blood man or woman (you) when
operating under their given Christian name.

The "number of the beast" is the
government assigned number that is attached to the created
"person." For example, Mr. John Doe applies for a state driver's
license, and government creates JOHN DOE, #123456789. John Doe
signs the license, and agrees to operate in the system of commerce
as JOHN DOE, #123456789. In effect, he (or she) assumes the identity
created for them by the beast.

Throughout the world today it is already extremely
difficult to "buy or sell" without the created all capitals
name and its assigned number as identification. A bank account, credit
card, driver's license and Social Security all use the "name"
and "number" of the beast. Accepting the beast's ungodly money
system and surrendering your God-given rights for beast issued
privileges is how you "worship the image of the beast."
While the subject of how you "worship" is hotly contested by those
seeking to justify their position, Romans 6:15 puts it rather

"Know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his
servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or
obedience unto righteousness?"

If you study this passage, you'll see that either option is "obedience,"
but one path is sinful and leads to death, and the other is associated
with righteousness and leads to life. While a lengthy exposition of
the much distorted 13th chapter of Romans is beyond the scope of the
present essay, the simple fact is this verse in Romans 6 states that
one form of obedience leads to death.

The bad news is that the entire world is preparing
to accept the final "mark of the beast" - the one that
brings God's condemnation and eternal damnation (see Revelation 14:9).
Worse yet, they will do it while quoting from the bar-coded Bibles
they carry. A worldwide identification card with microprocessors and
even under-the-skin microchips will enable a totally cashless - and
Godless - beast

The United Nations
is currently considering a plan proposed by Belgium's Pascal Smet
for universal identification and registration of every person in
the world. Mr. Smet points out that the European Union is considering
a fingerprint or eye scan to identify every European. "There are
no technical problems. It is only a question of will," according
to Smet.

As the year 2002 began, more than 100 nations had
some form of national ID system in place. In Spain an ID card
is required at age 14; in Argentina at age 8; in Germany
at age 16; in Belgium at age 15. Kenya requires national
ID to be carried at all times by all citizens. In America, a
Social Security number is required in order to receive a wage at
almost any place of employment. The very concept of working for a
living implicitly embodies "buying and selling"
- vis a vis
exchanging your hours of effort in return for a financial

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center
showed that 2/3 of Americans support the mandatory display of a
national ID card on demand in order to "feel safe and
secure." So-called Smart-cards, an identity card with
embedded chips are already in use by 120,00 U.S. military troops, and
the goal is to issue 4 million cards within two years.

This technology has already been proven by Applied
Digital Systems (ADS), the inventors of the so-called digital angel.
ADS holds patents on chips which are currently implanted in more than
one million animals to track and identify them. The embedded chips are
already in voluntary use in many humans, such as heart patients with
pacemakers or artificial valves, and even knee and hip replacement
patients. A chip implant is now required for all convicted
sex-offenders in California.

 Richard Sullivan,
the CEO of ADS, says the chips will shortly be in widespread
use in children, the elderly and employees at secure facilities. He
believes society will quickly accept the chip in place of ATM and
credit cards. ADS is actively lobbying congress to force the
implanting of a chip in every foreigner admitted to the US in order to
identify and track them. The company expects approval from the FDA
within 18 months for unlimited use of their chips in humans.

 Plans for the massive databases and infrastructure
needed for "the mark of the beast" system are well under
way. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
is working to link all state driver's license databases with
high-tech licenses using biometric identifiers, bar codes and computer
chips. Currently in America, state and federal police authorities use
the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database for
identification purposes on vehicle stops. The US Department of
Justice and the General Services Administration have
admitted working on a standardized national ID system based upon the
state driver's license. The Air Transport Association wants a
travel card/ID system with biometric identifiers.

America's War on Terrorism is spreading throughout
the world. Fourteen of the nineteen terrorists that attacked America
on 9/11 had forged ID papers. Obviously, standard identification
papers and cards are easily forged. The desire for safety and security
makes the world population willing to submit to a unified system of
identification for every person in the world.

The technology is already in place, so this is the
obvious solution to the "problem" of identifying the undesirable
elements among us. And the beast is ready to mandate it. A facial scan
or hand scan are the quickest systems yet devised, and require the
least digital storage.

What is truly startling is how few Christians have
actually thought through the decision as to where they will draw the
line. Most just vaguely say that they will refuse to accept any chip
implant. A few Christians have already publicly stated they will
immediately accept any imbedded chip because Jesus "will
forgive even that." These usually cite Scriptures speaking of
submission to governing authorities.

Others have recognized the spiritual nature of
submission - and how the
decision to abide or not to abide within the edicts of the beast is
precedent to any final numbering scenario. These believe that their
present refusal to function within existing political and commercial
parameters is crucial to recognizing where the line will ultimately be
drawn. These non-conformists are already resisting on a variety of
levels, including renouncement of the Social Security number and a
refusal to be licensed to drive.

Vast numbers of Christians confidently believe they
will be raptured before the final requirement to receive a beast
sanctioned identity is implemented. The simple truth is, the "mark
of the beast" system has already ensnared significant numbers of "believers"
who will simply continue to readjust their rationalizations as the
beast slowly but surely tightens his grip on an already undiscerning
Christian church.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free
and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, or the
name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:16,

James Lloyd

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