Catastrophic Christianity

   The majority of mainstream Christian churches focus on what could be
called the "Jesus the good Shepherd" aspect of Christianity. This
child-like version is a good starting point for the Scriptures do tell
us "except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye cannot
see the kingdom of God" (Matthew 18:3) However, the Scriptures also
tell us that eventually we must graduate from the milk of the
Word to the meat.

modern pastors manipulate their flocks openly, or lead them to believe
that giving to God's work is the only wise way to
live, and those that do so shall be repaid many times over. The
problem is in determining if that body is truly doing the work that
God desires. In many Christian churches, if you are not rich
and successful you are simply not "investing" in God enough, or
not praying enough.

"prosperity" cult view of Christianity is in direct conflict with
much of the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Where, for example, was
the prosperity blessing upon John the Baptist? The Apostles
seemed to miss out on prosperity, living poor and being
tortured and killed for following and promoting the teachings of
Christ. There are numerous other examples in the Bible that point to catastrophic
events occurring in the lives, and often ending the
lives, of the early Christians.

Bible tells us "all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall
suffer persecution" (II Timothy 3:12). Searching the Scriptures with
this understanding we see proof that catastrophe is an
integral part of a Christian's life experience.

first two people on Earth had a totally catastrophic
experience occur in their lives. Adam and Eve faced the serpent
and lost their initial gift of eternal life; they lost their Garden
of Eden blessing, one of their children murdered the other, and
they finally died.



and his family experienced a catastrophic event. Noah
spent over 100 years building the Arc and proclaiming the coming
judgment through rain. After Noah and his family boarded the Arc, the
entire world was drowned.



had a rather catastrophic period in his life. His
children were killed, he experienced horrible physical plagues that
wracked his body, his friends judged and condemned him, and his wife
told him he should "curse God and die."

not forget that being a Christian in the early days meant that
the government, the Romans, considered you to be lion

understanding of catastrophic occurrences as a part of
the Christian life has clearly faded from the teachings of America's
churches. It has been erased from the memory of America's Christians
with the passage of time. Instead of recognizing that great individual
blessings (and hardships) come from God, the great wealth and
prosperity of this nation has steadily brought Christians to believe
and trust more and more in the beast system - the government - as though the institution of government is the dispenser of God's

modern Christians recognize how the Scriptures plainly show that Satan
had control of the Earth's kingdoms back in the days of Jesus
. When the Devil offered Jesus all the kingdoms
of the world if he would only bow down and worship him, Christ
never contradicted Satan's claim to the kingdoms of the world.
Indeed, the book of Acts shows how Satan's kingdoms fiercely
fought to deny the Gospel to the Devil's captives - frequently
murdering and imprisoning the evangelists that brought the truth to
each land.

of course, there is the misguided belief taught by so many Christian
churches that Christians will be raptured before the
arrival of the great tribulation - thus denying the presence of the
believers on Planet Earth when the catastrophic
events so vividly depicted in Revelation begin.

was the "rapture" for the Apostles? Where was the "rapture"
for those Christians fed to the lions? In more modern times, where was
the "rapture" for the Christians that fought to defend God-given
rights in the American Revolution? Where was the rapture for the men
on the beaches of Normandy, the hell that they faced so accurately
portrayed in the recent movie "The Saving of Private Ryan."

is now a widely known historical fact that the Christians that were martyred
during the so-called "cultural revolution" in China at the
rise of Mao Tse-Tung all experienced a crisis of faith because
they had been taught they would not experience the holocaust
that came their way. They were taught the "rapture" was imminent - not a catastrophic political upheaval that cost
thousands of lives.

at the Christian Media Network believe that CATASTROPHE
is a part of the born-again Christian life. Jesus told us "as
it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the son
of man" (Luke 17:26) We believe those days are dawning upon us NOW,
and HIS return is imminent - "immediately after the tribulation"
is over (Matthewe 24:29).

scientific community is even giving up on the "steady state" of
planet Earth in favor of the growing belief and understanding of the
old/new view - CATASTROPHISM. America's government is at
this very moment searching the heavens for so-called "near Earth
objects," asteroids that the experts fear will soon
strike the planet. Many near earth object have impacted our
planet in the past, and more are believed to be on the way. Perhaps
the "experts" have read Revelation 8:8?

being killed for following HIM as the Apostles and early
Christians were, to enduring the catastrophes of the coming TRIBULATION,
what is important to the truly born-again Christian is to study the
Scriptures "to show thyself approved unto God," to follow the
Commandments of God, and to prepare to endure the coming Catastrophes,
for those who endure unto the end shall be saved.

February 11, 2002 -- Doug Hudson

Copyright © 2002 Christian Media Network

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