The Father Of Our Country

George Washington was born
in Virginia in 1732. For 67 years, until his death in 1799, he would
display a disciplined Christian morality, a devout sense of honor
and duty to country, unwavering military and political
leadership, and a profound belief in the Godly destiny of this nation.
His bold, fearless leadership and strength of perseverance were the
very glue that held the American Revolution together.
His stature, character and actions throughout the American Revolution
and the framing of our government established American independence,
and liberty through limited government.

the nation's first president, George Washington's
reliance on the Almighty God and His Divine Guidance were the direct
result of scriptural readings while seated at his mother's side.
This led him to a life-long reliance on the principles of
Christianity. As an adult, he attended church every Sunday in Alexandria,
a 2 to 3 hour carriage ride from Mount Vernon. Those in
his congregation noted his attention and respect to the services.

many modern political pundits have sought to associate George
with the secretive cult known as Freemasonry,
the implication is that he was somehow a conscious participant in the
long range agenda of a one world government that these
conspiratorial groups are known to espouse. This is completely
inconsistent with every deed we know of concerning the father of our
country. The truth is, in every conceivable fashion, Washington
sought to limit the power of government and hamper its
previously unfettered march towards totalitarianism.

his writings, his public statements, and even in his apparently prophetic
dreams concerning a modern day challenge to the safety of the nation,
he fought to keep the citizenry unshackled from the tyranny of church
and state that were in his day enslaving the nations of Europe.

George Washington was not afraid to share his Christian
faith. After the horrible winter at Valley Forge,
Washington told his 10,000 troops, "To the distinguished character
of patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more
distinguished character of Christian." When sworn in as the
first US President, he voluntarily closed the prescribed Oath of
Office with, "so help me God." Washington's first act as the
President of the United States of America
was to lead the Congress and Senate to church for a two-hour
sermon and prayer session.


, Washington's adopted
daughter, spent 23 years in his presence. She wrote of him, "He was
a silent, thoughtful man. He spoke little generally; never of himself.
I never heard him relate a single act of his life during the war...
His mottos were �Deeds, not words' and �For God and my Country."


Jefferson wrote of Washington in an 1814 letter:

was incapable of fear, meeting personal danger with the calmest
unconcern. Perhaps the strongest feature in his character was
prudence, never acting until every circumstance, every consideration
was maturely weighed; refraining if he saw a doubt, but when once
decided, going through with his purpose, whatever obstacles opposed... For
his was the singular destiny and merit of leading the armies of his
country successfully through an arduous war, for the establishment
of its independence; of conducting its councils through the birth of
a new government, new in its forms and principles; until it had
settled down into a quiet and orderly train... ."

truly owes much of its existence to Mr. Washington. But sadly, as America
departs from the celebration of George Washington's Birthday, replacing
it with the collective Presidents' Day, we see that the
governmental office and its power is now
cherished, and not the character of the man in the office.
Somehow, under the present system of homage and honor, a man as
despicable as Bill Clinton is to be celebrated as an
equal to George Washington.

government in America assumes totalitarian magnitude and
control (the very thing that Washington spent his life defeating), we
become aware that the presidency is no longer occupied by an
unashamedly Christian man that serves the God of the
Bible. While Christianity is still espoused by the primary resident of
the White House, it is out of tradition and political necessity as the
presidency is truly a significant part of the earthly "beast"
government seen in Scripture.

our present pretense with Washington, a man that
personally owned 50 firearms and led his country in armed rebellion
against totalitarianism and established freedom and liberty through
limited and controlled government. Under the New World Order,
such a man is no longer a hero in what has become a
fascist/totalitarian state.

TRUE AMERICANS should pass on the observance of Presidents' Day
on February 18, and instead celebrate the birth of "The Father of
Our Country" on February 22nd. Solemn remembrance of his
manly nature, Christian spirit, and unwavering commitment to the
ideals of limited government should far outweigh the celebration of
the governmental office of the President.

February 18, 2002 -- Doug Hudson

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