The Diabolical System Of Diaprax

iaprax is a word coined by Dean Gotcher, founder of the Institute
for Authority Research. Dean has traveled the United States and
given over 1,000 live presentations to Christians explaining this
wicked technique that is surreptitiously destroying our families, our
government, and even our Christian churches.

After reading and digesting 600+ social psychology
books, Mr. Gotcher joined the word dialectic and the word praxis
to create the term DIAPRAX. Dialectic is a philosophical
term that describes the use of dialogue to resolve conflict
between opposing ideas or opinions. The word Praxis simply
means "to practice." Therefore, Diaprax is the
practice of the dialectic.

These terms are derived from the ungodly 18th century philosophical
model that is known as the Hegelian Dialectic. Named after the
German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel (although considerably
refined since its inception in Hegel's era), this world view has now
completely enveloped the world.

In its simplest form, the Diaprax
system is a process whereby the entire world will eventually
dialog until they reach a consensus. The 3 part formula
consists of 3 essential components: Thesis, Antithesis,
and Synthesis. Simply put, a "thesis" is combined with the
opposing view, the "anti-thesis," and the result is called the "synthesis."

In the Bible we see Satan cause the
fall of man through the use of Diaprax (the practice of
the dialectic). Eve tells the Serpent that God
has commanded that of the tree in the midst of the garden, that
they "shall not eat of" it. That is the thesis. Then
Satan offers an opposing opinion (the antithesis)
that flies in the face of the Word of God, telling Eve about the benefits
of eating the forbidden fruit. Eve joins the two views and comes up
with the synthesis - the fruit is "good food," "pleasant
to the eye" and will "make one wise." Through Adam and Eve's reasoning,
God's eternal truth was reasoned away, and the curse of death
replaced the gift of eternal life.

No Christian can follow the Lord of the Bible, and
partake of Diaprax. You cannot serve two masters, and
the practicing of the Dialectic is an insidious process that
now permeates all forms of society -  including the "management"
practices of the corporate Christian church.

In the same manner that Diaprax was
used to "facilitate" the fall of man, it is today "facilitating"
the complete destruction of our country. The American family has moved
from Patriarchic (the Biblical model of the family) to the more
Diaprax-oriented Matriarchic. The end result may be
referred to as Heresyarchic. The synthesis of the
Patriarchal and the Matriarchal is Heresy-archical. Satan tempted (diapraxed)
Eve who compromised the fact based instructions of God the sake of relationship
- the then nascent dialog with the Serpent.

Obviously, men are also susceptible to the same
approach, for Adam willfully disobeyed God for the sake of the relationship
with Eve - who had already eaten of the fruit. When reduced to
a simple philosophical paradigm, God's Word is absolute and is
true. This is the Thesis.

As various doctrinal approaches to Christianity vie
for pre-eminence, while posing as interpretive systems, they
ultimately put forward the Antithesis. As Christians seek to
maintain their relationships with churches, family, friends,
government, etc. (see Mark 13:12) slowly erode (sacrifice) their
previously firm stance on the pure fact of God's word in order to
preserve the relationship. Thus, each person is eventually processed
and a Synthesis is reached.

Virtually all organizational structures are
presently moving in the spirit of Diaprax. Every
city council, county board of commissioners, courthouse, church board
of Elders, and corporate enterprise is deeply enmeshed in the process.

In this fashion, previously Protestant
organizations that were staunchly anti-Papist are now embracing the heresy
of Rome. Previously conservative Christian groups are slowly allowing
women to become pastors, homosexuals to be married in the church, and
firm doctrines such as the Virgin birth to be liberally "spiritualized."
Bibles (such as the NIV) are being translated via a system known as
"dynamic equivalency" which is built on the process of the Diaprax - a
translational dialogue to consensus.

On the political front, the once great American
Republic is Diapraxing itself into a totalitarian police state,
and falling in line with the One-World United Nations
government that the Scriptures declare will arise in the last days.
After "dialoguing to consensus" on the subject of security
versus personal freedom, the public has moved from the absolute
guarantee of The Bill Of Rights (the thesis) and forfeited
personal freedoms (the synthesis) because the compromise is necessary
in order for the government to "protect" us - the threat to
our security being the antithesis.

The consensus (the result of the social
Diaprax) has concluded that "peace and safety" is more important
than individual freedoms.

The process works in literally thousands of environments and is now
running at full speed. Interestingly enough, the American Peoples
Encyclopedia states that the Diaprax "can come to rest
only at the apex of a hierarchial system
." Its early 20th
century fruits were Communism and Fascism. This is the
mechanism for the ultimate hierarchic system which the Bible tells us
will be ruled by the globalist elite with their inevitable Antichrist
(the synthesis) at the top of the political pyramid that is presently
being constructed.

Sadly, most mainstream Christian churches are allowing the Diapraxing
of their values as codified in the Ten Commandments - the
Thesis. The Antithesis is Government
sanctioned Abortion, Homosexuality, Pornography, Divorce, and many
other non-Christian behaviors. Because the incorporated
state-sanctioned churches are required by law to respond in a
certain fashion to these sins in order to maintain their 501(c)(3)
non-profit status, the churches have compromised the truth of God's
word in order to preserve the relationship with
the government.

The inevitable Synthesis is a
powerless church that has "become the habitation of devils, and the
hold of every foul spirit... ." (Revelation 18:3)

Once again, a simple example of the Diaprax
process in the Christian church works like this: Homosexuality
is a sin (God's truth). This is the Thesis, the truth
of God. Man reasons that Jesus loves everyone, therefore we should
love everyone. This is the Antithesis. Thus, the Synthesis
is that the church accepts (or simply tolerates) the sin because it
loves the sinner.

For Christians, all SIN is the inevitable
result of practicing Diaprax. The conscience deals in truth in
absolute black and white - thou shalt not, right or
wrong, yes or no. Man's "ego" deals in the gray zone of feelings
and emotions
- the desires of man's lustful heart - could
be, should, wannabe, etc. So we compromise God's truth with our
reasoning, and we sin. Unless you have "the mind of Christ," the
end result for all humanity is a reprobate mind that has
brought the organized Christian church and the freedom loving
people of America to the point where they are now embracing the
diabolical system of The Antichrist and his False Prophet - the

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my
ways, saith the Lord." - Isaiah 55:8


Doug Hudson & James Lloyd

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