Patch The Preterist Pirate

n the midst of the present political and religious turmoil as America
inaugurates the events that will shortly lead us into the great
, key "Christian" scholars, communicators, and
writers are carefully positioning themselves via a new/old heresy
known as preterism. This doctrinal system of prophetic
interpretation, not to be confused with pretribulationism (the
rapture cult), teaches that the great tribulation already happened
in Jerusalem in the first century. They further state that Caesar
Nero was the Antichrist, and Jesus Christ returned invisibly
at the conclusion of the siege of Jerusalem in 66 - 70 AD.

One of the great dangers in this heresy is the fact that
Christians usually don't take it seriously when they first hear of
this doctrine because of its obvious false premise. This provides a
huge vulnerability when the proponents of the doctrine roll out
numerous biblical texts that can be effectively slanted to
present their case. I have repeatedly stated that this system is
destined to take a leading role once the tribulation has begun and the
rapture cult has been thoroughly discredited. In other
words, beware the preterist apostasy.

I call the leaders of this historical aberration by the name "Patch"
The Preterist Pirate because they
remind me of a pirate with one eye covered. The
preterists only see the first half of the prophetic panorama
that leads up to the transition from the Old Covenant to the New
Covenant. They fail to see the second half of the program and
how everything counts down in a New Testament parallel to the Old
Testament history.

The modern apostate Christian church mirrors the ancient haughty
Pharisees when confronted with the truth. The modern state sanctioned
"Christian" religion of Mystery Babylon is wedded to
the state -  precisely as the Israelite Sanhedren had
come to an accommodation with the ancient Roman government. The 4
ancient kingdoms of Daniel two (Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome)
parallel the Christian era's 4 kingdoms of Daniel seven (England,
Russia, Germany, and the US/UN). In both timelines, the 4th kingdom is
the final dominion.

Similar to the rapturists, the preterists
stop everything at Rome as though God would be silent on the
last third (2000 years) of human history in the prophetic books! The
rapturists instead "revive" Rome at the end of the age, while the
preterists spiritualize practically everything. In the preterist
apostasy, the Antichrist is a Roman Caesar now long
dead and buried - while in the rapturist fantasy, he's a
modern Caesar catapulted to power in a "revived" Roman empire. They're
both in the spirit of error - which is the opposite of the spirit
of truth
. John calls it "that spirit of Antichrist" in I
John 4:3.

Furthermore, the preterists are theological pirates in
that their converts are largely being drawn from the futurist
camp - those that accurately believe the tribulation, the Antichrist,
and the second coming are yet future.

Preterists tend to be scholarly, and more of them have a more intimate
familiarity with scripture than the average rapture cultist. This
gives them another major advantage as they propagate their false
doctrine. In fact, the resurrection of preterism is at least
partly a backlash to the unscriptural doctrine of the pre-tribulation
rapture. Significant segments of the case for preterism are
largely comprised of a critical exposition of the fallacies of

While it should be obvious that disproving one view does not prove
another, the fact that preterists can shred the pre-tribulation
rapture doctrine using scripture frequently places them
in a credible position in the eyes of those that have become
uncomfortable with the outright criminality and intellectual
dishonesty of many of the leaders that perpetuate the pretribulational
position. Ironically, the various statements being made by the
preterist pirates has positioned them to be in an 'I told you so'
standing after the tribulation begins.

On the surface, it might seem that once the horrendous events of the
tribulation are undeniably present, the preterists would
be discredited just as much as the rapturists.
Unfortunately, the preterists are widely cautioning that the impact of
the rapturist mindset is moving the world towards a self-fulfilling
. In other words, the preterists are saying 'we need to
build the kingdom of God now' -politically through a dominionist
approach that takes the point of view that the church must and will
inevitably take charge of the world. At the same time, they are
positing that the rapturists may bring down Armageddon with
their 'Israel First' policies that have permeated the entire
American political spectrum.

After the tribulation begins, the preterists will claim
the evangelical rapturists brought about a
self-fulfilling prophecy of devastation, so 'now we need to get busy
and get serious about building the kingdom of God through our global
influence as Christians.' And what better man to spearhead the
effort than the courageous political leader that has stood up in the
midst of the devastation and stated he is willing to lead us through
the murky maze of a post-apocalyptic world? Because that political
leader, the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations
proclaims himself to be a Christian, the preterists
are in the position of sustaining popular support for his efforts.

Furthermore, preterists are not antagonistic to
the Papists as they view Catholicism as a like-minded
post-millennial perspective. Because preterism is a subset of
post-millennialism, they see the church as the instrument of
God's millennial reign in a spiritual sense. Amillennialism
(non-millennial thought) and post-millennialism both believe
that God rules spiritually through the church without the
prerequisite physical second coming of Christ. This is the system of Antichrist
at its very core.

JESUS said you will know them by
their fruits. The preterists are organized religionists
that move easily between denominational structures. Mostly licensed
501(c)(3)'s, they believe in being integrated into the larger
societal form of Western style government in order to influence
the political constructs of our time. They believe their efforts will eventually
bring about a godly world government with the church in a position of
great influence. They further believe that this can occur without
the physical return of Jesus Christ. Indeed, they believe that
Christ is reigning in world government now through godly
men that are attempting to bring about the kingdom of God through the
influence of the organized church.

The truth is the Antichrist will rule instead of Christ.
Many still fail to understand the Greek term "anti" which actually
means in place of. A global political leader, supposedly
ruling in a benevolent fashion, is in our immediate future. With the
backing of the False Prophet, the Pope of Rome, the
great "Christian" politician will rule by decree because of the
global emergency that exists due to the overwhelming devastation
brought about by World War III. To make matters worse, surviving
remnant Christians that stubbornly cling to a physical second
coming of Jesus Christ, will be largely blamed by the post
Apocalypse populace as the cause of the world crisis that will
then be threatening the very survival of the species. This is the
hideous fruit of the false doctrines of the rapture cult and the
preterist apostasy.

Thus, the "Christian" Beast of Revelation 13, backed by "Christian"
denominational and millennial perspectives that are tied to the
collective ecumenical world church, will revile and spiritually
justify the persecution of the true remnant of Israel - the
underground Christian church that has come out of the global
whorehouse of organized religion. In short, a new inquisition is dead

Preterism is the crucial
theological element in a larger subset of prophetic false doctrine.
The truth is, the "church" that will rule during the tribulation
is Mystery Babylon and she already has the blood of the saints
on her filthy hands. Thus, we would all do well to understand the
enormous importance of obeying the prophetic directive that was
given to us in the Word of God. "Come out of her my people, my
people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not
of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath
remembered her iniquities." (Revelation 18:4,5)

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