Gog And Magog Are Gathering Momentum

The long prophesied military cataclysm that is described in Ezekiel
is moving ever closer to fulfillment. The famous prophecy,
heavily cited by Christian prophecy teachers everywhere, speaks of a
massive military attack on the nation of Israel in "the
latter years" (Ezekiel 38:8). The nations involved are relatively
easy to identify - with the exception of the instigator of the
event who is known as Gog and Magog.

For many decades, Christian prophecy teachers, largely following the
ancient historian Genesius, have sought to connect these
mysterious names with Russia. When Hal Lindsey's epic Late
Great Planet Earth
broke every sales record in the Christian book
world by selling over 50 million copies, he almost single-handedly
created the now fossilized tradition that Russia is Gog.

Two other mysterious names in the military coalition that will meet
their Waterloo on "the mountains of Israel" (verse 8) are said to
be Meschech and Tubal. While their confederates Iran,
Ethiopia, and Libya (Persia, Cush, & Put
respectively in the King James Version) are readily identifiable,
these two names Meschech and Tubal are closely linked to

Following a dubious linguistic theory, the paperback writers of pop
prophecy have almost universally claimed that Meschech and Tubal
are Moscow and Tobolsk - again pointing the theological
finger at the Soviet Union. When Late Great was released
in 1970, the Cold War was raging and the identification seemed to be
exceedingly probable - notwithstanding the fact that several
dissident scholars such as Dr. Edwin Yamauchi of Miami
University flatly stated the names could not refer to
Russia, Moscow, and Tobolsk.

In the case of Late Great's Hal Lindsey and his close
associate writer Chuck Missler, the paperback rapture writer's
response was to plagiarize portions of Yamauchi's scholarly work Foes
From The Northern Frontier, and then twist the good Doctor's
research into the false conclusion that Gog and Magog is Russia.
So they not only stole his work, but they then used the plagiarized
material to reach a different conclusion!

Lindsey and Missler were caught by the LA Times, and pulled the stolen
title (The Magog Factor) from the market, but the modern fiction of
Russia as the great invader continues to be widely propagated through
books, tapes, tracts, videos, and even popular songs - such as
Maranatha's pop anthem The Cossack Song - where the
lyric laments "I wouldn't want to be a Cossack...headed down
Jerusalem way."

As the Rapture Cult provided the unscriptural twist that described the
great escape from the consequences of the devastating war described in
Ezekiel 38, the media writers have continued to misidentify the
primary players that will bring about what can only be described as a nuclear
in this hideous conflagration that is just around the

In 1992, as I studied the prophecy for a chapter in my prophecy book Beyond
the Lord quickened in my spirit the fact that when
the text states "Gog of the land of Magog," it wasn't
speaking of Gog as a person that came from the land of Magog - it's
just the opposite. Gog is the name of the land, and Magog
is the proper name that comes from the land of Gog. After
carefully studying each of the place names, I realized that Gog
is the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

After the Soviet Union restructured in the Gorbachev-Reagan
era, the Russian pronunciation of the capital of Georgia - Tiflis - was
dropped, and the nation took back its ancestral name of Tblisi.
In the Georgian dialect, the ethnic suffix isi means "the
land of." Furthermore, in that same ancient dialect, which is unique
among linguistic groups, the consonants T and B are specifically
separated by a gutteral U sound.

The actual verbalization of Tblisi is "Tuh-ooh-ball-ee-see."
In short, the name literally translates as "the land of Tubal."
This is the capital of the modern republic of Georgia.

Further research showed that the other group that settled in the same
region thousands of years ago were known as the Meskhet - or
the Meskhetians. During the Russian domination of
Georgia in the 19th century, Moscow named their military headquarters
that was located adjacent to the Georgian capital Mtzkheta.
Again, by removing the suffix, we see the name Meschech
has survived in Georgian and Russian.

Scholars have long known that the Georgians are descended from the Iberians
which have a presence in the modern era in several regions including
the South of Spain. If you wish to take a commercial flight in that
area of the world, for example, you'll probably buy a ticket on Iberian
Airlines. A recent scholarly treatment on the origin of Georgia
that was published by Oxford University Press states "The
Jews of ancient Georgia were doubtless aware of the Jewish
identification of Iberia with the Tubal of the Old Testament"
(Georgia In Antiquity, David Braund, 1994).

Josephus tells us the Iberi
were descended from a son of Japheth - whose son was
named Magog. It's fascinating to realize that the name
Gog is widely widely utilized in Georgian - albeit under a more
affectionate fashion that is known as Gogi. I've eaten
at a Russian restaurant here in Southern Oregon that is owned by a Georgian
with that very name. Indeed, we recently learned from a Christian
missionary that has spent 10 years in Georgia that the Georgian
pronunciation of Gog and Magog is Gogi da Magogi. In
short, Gog is Georgia.

What is significant in all of this is that Georgia is presently
ruled by Eduard Shevardnadze - a native Georgian who,
because of his clever political abilities, was nicknamed The Fox
by his constituents. Shevardnadze was installed by the CIA
after the intelligence agency overthrew the rightfully elected
nationalist President Zvhiad Ghamsakhurdiya.

Shevardnadze, the former number 2 man
in the Soviet Union under Gorbachev, is carefully seeking to
integrate the vast numbers of surrounding Islamic groups into a
cohesive identity - while simultaneously keeping Russia's
influence at arm's length as he cozies up to the American oil
interests. Georgia, with an Eastern Orthodox background, is completely
surrounded by massive numbers of Islamic men - many of which
are traversing the nation as they move back and forth between the
Islamic militant strongholds of Chechenya, Dagestan, and

It is now believed there are significant numbers of Al Qaeda
and other Moslem militia groups based in an area of Georgia known as
the Pankisi Gorge. In fact, about a month ago, Igor
Ivanov, the head of the Russian Foreign ministry declared that Osama
bin Laden
was probably hiding in the Pankisi Gorge - in

In the midst of this political turmoil is the staggering wealth that
is being pumped through major oil pipelines through Georgia. The
various Western multinational oil interests, including the Bush
family, are deeply invested in the trans Caucasian oil routes that
also include Afghanistan. Said to be the purest crude on the entire
planet, the oil reserves now coming through Georgia are
being positioned to replace the oil reserves that will be taken out of
service from the Arab producers that are scheduled to be eliminated
during the coming war with Israel (see Daniel 7:8).

Meanwhile, according to Science Magazine, a United Nations
nuclear watchdog group has sent a team of experts to "to seize two
portable nuclear devices found in Georgia's breakaway province of
Abkhazia that it fears could be used to make bombs." At about this
same time, American troops were quietly dispatched in a very low
profile mission to train Georgian troops.

All of this came about because two Georgian men recently became
seriously ill after finding some odd looking components in a forest.
The strange finding turned out to be radioactive materiel that alarmed
Western nuclear experts that there may be nuclear devices in Georgia.
Thus, a recent article in the British Guardian blared the following
headline West Scours Georgia For
Nuclear Triggers.

Incredibly, the major American media has completely ignored the story.

he reason all of this is significant is because of Ezekiel. The
venerable Hebrew prophet tells us that after Gog and Magog
attack Israel from the North, a nuclear conflagration ensues in which
the land is so toxic that no-once can enter for a period of 7 months.
The lengthy prophecy speaks of an enormously destructive battle that
will result in so many bodies that they will all be buried in a mass
grave due to their apparent toxicity.

In reading this ominous passage, we see that every state mentioned is
militantly Islamic with a declared animosity towards Israel except
for Georgia. Thus, the political intrigue that has
surrounded Shevardnadze and his known CIA ties to former master
spy Bill Casey and others becomes highly suspect in what would
appear to be yet another carefully manipulated war induced by the
globalist cabal that has designs on world dominion.

As the church falsely continues to preach an easy escape followed by a
Russian move into the Middle East, the sordid reality continues to
point to American and European globalists that continue to use war as
an instrument of foreign policy in order to further their ungodly aims
at a universal dominion, power, and astonishing wealth. This coming
cataclysm is but another step towards the global tyranny that awaits
the entire planet as the Satanic conspirators continue to mask their
true designs - a one world government, ruling from Jerusalem,
headed by the Antichrist.

April 15, 2002 -- James Lloyd

Copyright © 2002 Christian Media Network

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