The Lethal, The Lukewarm, & The Lost

t may be the most frustrating aspect of the ongoing series of battles
I've been embroiled in for close to 2 years now. Without doubt, it
drives others just as crazy as it does me. To put it bluntly, the
subject is apathy and what could fairly be called spinelessness.
We've all seen it whenever anything controversial comes

Consider the following example: two people are in a serious moral
conflict. Outside of the immediate arena, whenever an aggressive
personality espouses the cause of one of the combatants, those present
agree with him. On another occasion when the opposite point of
view is being urged, those same people become completely 'wishy-washy'
and now agree that the opposite point of view is the right one. This flip-flop
mentality is characteristic of the cliché about a man waiting to
see which way the wind blows

The Bible teaches that "a double-minded man is unstable in
all his ways" (James 1:8) and we are not to be inconsistent in our
thought processes. Ephesians warns us that we are not to be "tossed
to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the
sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to
deceive...." (Ephesians 4:14).

In my particular case, I'm referring to the seeming inability of so
many people to actually make a stand in an unwavering fashion
for what they claim to believe in. In the wider political,
spiritual, and even social arenas, this propensity
towards a state of wavering seems to be a common human

The present widespread condition of double-mindedness is not an
accident. A tremendous amount of energy, planning, and calculation in
high places has gone into just what steps would be required to bring
mankind to the place he presently finds himself. I further believe
that as prophesied events continue to unfold, this powerful inertia
will become almost irresistible as it pulls people towards the
center and consensus with the majority.

In the political realm, we can readily see the forces of apathy at
work. As intense critics of the political leadership found in the
White House due to their secretive associations and hidden new
world order oriented agendas, we recognize the tactic being
utilized. This formula is so powerful, that even though I'm
completely aware of the fact that we're being manipulated in this
fashion, I still find a brief sympathy for the American government on
at least one level. In this instance, I'm referring to the so-called
war on terrorism.

Irregardless of the fact that the government's recent actions are
the obvious result of a series of carefully orchestrated moves, as Christians
we have little choice but to stand as Christians
against the tyranny of ISLAM within the political construct of

This bizarre partial common ground with the conspirators in government
is in the realm of the present military hostilities we are
encountering in the war with the militant religion of Mohammed.
To those that are fully apprised of the very sophisticated planning
that has gone into maneuvering events to bring us to our present
predicament, it does not come as a surprise to see public opinion
being molded in the fashion we are presently seeing.

While the political spin-doctor's agenda is to continually try to
characterize the conflict as a battle against terrorism, we
know that the real agenda is to use the terrorist threat to
strip away any vestigial constitutional rights of Americans.
Unfortunately, the government's political manipulations
notwithstanding, it is a fact that Islam is the
obvious breeding ground of the international violence that has now
arrived on our shores.

Many have made the comparison between the 911 events and Pearl
Harbor. In the episode that catapulted America into the frenzy of
World War II, it is a documented fact that the American government
methodically anticipated the attack on Pearl Harbor in order to
catalyze public opinion into bringing America into the already raging
conflict in Europe. In short, everyone in the know knows our
leadership knew all about the impending attack long before it occurred
- in order to manipulate public opinion which was apathetic
and isolationist at the time and clearly against any US involvement in
the larger war then occurring in the European theatre.

However, it is incumbent upon us to realize that although there was a
terrible complicity as our leaders sought to mold public opinion in
the direction they thought we should go, we dare not ignore the
fact that the Japanese fascism of the era was clearly a threat that
would eventually have to be dealt with. Even though the trail
of this political chicanery led to the White House, the fact is, the
Japanese actually did the murdering of the Americans located at Pearl.

So too in the present arena and the very real hot war that is just
beginning with Islam. For example, in a recent article posted on the
internet via an Al Quaida media organ, a militant Islamic
leader categorically stated that Islam has "the right" to murder
4 million Americans. Suleiman Abu Gheith, a spokesman for
something called the Center for Islamic Research and Studies,
further stated that it is perfectly acceptable if half of those
casualties are children.

The Moslem leader claimed support for this position based on teachings
found in the Quran

- the holy book of Islam. Even though
world leaders have carefully sought to portray Islam as a peaceful
religious movement with a small minority of militant extremists, the
truth is the basis for the religion has always been WAR
- and those that refuse to recognize the face of
a deadly enemy place everyone else in jeopardy.

Abu Gheith flatly claims
"America is the reason for all oppression, injustice,
licentiousness, or suppression that is the Muslims' lot." This
irrational blanket of blame completely ignores the ignorant and
primitive policies forced upon millions of individuals by
oppressive clerics and the various thrones they support

- instead claiming that America is the
cause of all Muslim poverty and political oppression! The
Islamic religionist, who is believed to have direct links to the
murderous Al Quaida group, says that America "stands behind
all the disasters that were caused and are still being caused to the
Muslims; it is immersed in the blood of Muslims and cannot hide

According to this hideous "religious" bigot, American women and
children are justifiable targets for murder and slaughter in order
to force the world to become "subject to the religion of Allah."
Like Osama Bin Ladin and other militant clerics, he
urges Moslems to "fight them with chemical and biological
weapons, so as to afflict them with the fatal maladies...."

While many patriots are aware that new world order planners are
utilizing these violent factions in order to move the world to a
universal tyranny through the fomenting of such conflicts, the fact
remains that Islamic militancy is functioning in dozens of countries
and they only understand one language

- the universal communication of military

And this Jihad is anything but an idle threat


the fact that multiple Islamic controlled
governments are actually allocating "martyr money" to reward
families whose young men commit suicide bombings is prima facie
evidence that this antagonism against America should be taken most

Incredibly, in the face of this obvious threat, many Americans are
still seeking to "halt...between two opinions" (I Kings 18:21). As
a case in point, at the just completed commencement ceremonies at Harvard
University, Faculty members chose Zayed Yasin, a
past president of the Harvard Islamic Society, to
deliver the address.

Yasin's subject was entitled American Jihad, and in what has
to be the most astonishing case of apathy I can recall, 32,000
Americans sat still while this Islamic leader claimed that a Jihad (or
"holy war") against America "is not something that should make
someone feel uncomfortable."

This double-mindedness is simply beyond comprehension, but not
altogether an isolated incident. For example, across the ocean, the European
Community has recently refused to categorize the Hezbollah
organization as a terrorist organization. That particular group of
murderous Moslems is financed by the Islamic controlled Iranian
government and has been repeatedly proven to be the recipient of
smuggled arms in Southern Lebanon


obviously to be used in the ongoing "diplomacy"
with the former Syrian state's enemy to the immediate South. To put
it bluntly, people will DIE because of the EC's wavering
in this matter.

Those that are familiar with our prophetic perspective here at Christian
know that we are not unqualified defenders of
the state of Israel. We have, on occasion, pointed out Jewish
complicity in many hideous evils here in America. Furthermore, we
abhor the sneaky deals being made by the US government, the United
Nations, and just about every other international political entity.
However, we don't see any Israelis teaching their children to
strap on a vest of explosives and walk into a crowded venue in order
to kill as many human beings as possible.

We don't see the White House or Tel Aviv producing a telethon to
raise money, as Saudi Arabia recently did, so they can
pay the families of the misguided martyrs as an inducement to others
to continue in their unholy Jihad.

We don't see any Italian, Polish, or Irish names of hijackers that
are murdering innocents with razorblades or box-cutters aboard 767's
or cruise ships named the Achille Lauro. In a perfect world,
the next victims of the murderous thugs of the Muslim world would be
the families of those Harvard morons that think you can dialogue with
and appease evil


but it won't work out that way.

The truth is, the inability to make a stand for truth and justice is
but a symptom of the spiritually lethargic condition we find
ourselves in. Meanwhile, the Spirit of Antichrist is
hard at work in every corner of every faction in this convoluted
nightmare we call the modern world. Indeed, although I've barely
scratched the surface of the subject, this moral malaise is widely
functioning in Christian spheres of influence as well.

The only responsible response is to seek the truth while He may yet be
found. Jesus Christ cut to the heart of
the matter when he said "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth
shall make you free." To that we would add, once you learn about and
meet the truth, hang on for dear life because that wavering wind is
just beginning to blow.

James Lloyd

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