The Big Bear And The Little HornHave Israel And Russia Come To A Common Cause?

Because the false prophets of pre-tribulationism have widely
conditioned the deaf, dumb, blind, and scripturally illiterate "evangelical"
Christians into believing that Russia is destined to be the
great power from the North that invades Israel in the last
days, few can accurately see the reality of the political arena that
has emerged in recent times. For the last 30 years or so, ever since
the epic best seller The Late Great Planet Earth popularized
the misidentification of Russia as the Gog and Magog
of Ezekiel 38 that meets their Waterloo on "the
mountains of Israel," believers have been propagandized to see
everything from the reality ruptured perspective of the rapturists.

The truth of the last day's alignment of political power is
decidedly different. While few Bible students have difficulty
recognizing Russia as the "bear" kingdom of Daniel 7,
they inconsistently fail to recognize that same "bear" is a
crucial part of the final one world order of Revelation 13. In that
passage, we see the global government of the Antichrist described
as follows:

the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as
the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and
the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

Revelation 13:2

The components of these kingdoms are clearly drawn from the great
vision of Daniel where we learn that,

great beasts, which are four, are four kings [or kingdoms],
which shall arise out of the earth...the fourth beast shall be the
fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all
kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down,
and break it in pieces."

Daniel 7:17,23

In these same passages, we find the "little horn" that plucks up
three kingdoms of a ten member political alignment that is also
described in Revelation. We have previously identified at least
one layer of the ten kings as an Islamic confederacy comprised
primarily of the Arab oil producing sheikhdoms associated with the
globalist cartel known as OPEC

- the so-called "revived Roman Empire"
of the 15 member EC being yet another fiction fabricated by the
legions of 'Left Behind' oriented leaders.

The modern state of Israel is "the little horn" that finds
itself in military conflict with a significant portion of this group.
While the identification of Israel as the little horn
does not exhaust the prophecy (on another level the "little horn"
is the Antichrist himself), this perspective plainly predicts
that we will see Israel destroy ("pluck up") at
least 3 of her current Islamic opponents in the near future.

Meanwhile, because the Ezekiel 38 prophecies clearly show that
the mysterious Gog and Magog will be utterly destroyed
"with pestilence and with overflowing rain, and great
hailstones, fire, and brimstone" (Ezekiel 38:22), the identification
of Russia as Gog is impossible since Russia is an
integral part of the beast empire of the Antichrist well after
the invasion of Israel.

We have also previously identified "Gog" with the former Soviet
republic of Georgia (read GeOrGia)

- a Caucasus state presently aligning
itself with America. While a detailed look at this
identification is beyond the present commentary, we may also briefly
note that the Georgian capitol Tblisi is cognate with
the Tubal of the same Ezekiellian passage

- even as the provincial name of the
military base historically associated with that city is Mtzkheta

- the Meschech found in the
same prophecy.

The Georgians, under the CIA installed Edward Shevardnadze,
have a significant contingent of Islamic militia in their midst
in a place called the Pankisi Gorge (read GOrGe
to see that name again). In this wild and lawless region of Georgia,
the Moslem militants of Chechnya are regrouping with other
Islamic forces (Afghani, Pakistani, Palestinian, Arabian, etc) as they
have sought sanctuary from pursuing Russian troops. Pankisi
is also said to be the home of significant Al Quaida militiamen
with at least one knowledgeable observer theorizing that Osama
Bin Ladin
himself is headquartered there.

Because most modern Christian's versions of history have been
carefully sculpted by the false profits of American mercantile
Christianity, they are completely oblivious to the fact that Russia
fought against Georgia and Persia (an ally of "Gog"
in Ezekiel) in a Moslem Jihad a century or so ago. In a war
that lasted for
over 30 years in the same region, Russia
could not subdue the Moslems led by a legendary cleric named Shamyl
the Avar.

To put it another way, the Islamic zealots of Chechnya
have awakened the ghosts of trans-Caucasian conflict, and Russia
is in no mood for friendly relations with Georgia or anyone
else that aids and abets their longtime religious opponent. At the
same time, the Russian Orthodox "Christians" are being brought
closer and closer to the papal pretender in Rome

- the same Pope that has gone to
great lengths to come to a consensus of trust with the Jews of Jerusalem

- thus building a theological bridge
between Russia and Israel.

Tensions between Russia and Georgia are extremely high
as I write these words. Less than a week ago, a group of 14
pro-Russian Chechen officials were killed in a rebel attack. As the
Islamic fighters fled over the border into Georgia
apparently seeking to make their way to Pankisi and relative
safety, the Georgians arrested the wounded fighters

- but refused to extradite them to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has personally demanded the
Chechen Islamic fighters be immediately handed over to Moscow for
punishment. Instead, the Georgian government asked the Kremlin to
provide them with evidence that the Chechens had been engaged in any
"terrorist" action. The fact that the rebels had entered the
nation of Georgia illegally, armed, wounded, and with Russian military
units in hot pursuit evidently didn't convince the Georgians they
might have been involved in some unsavory activity.

In view of the fact that the Shevardnadze government of Georgia
is clearly under the control of Washington headed by our latest leader
named George (read GeOrGe for yet another clue),
and the Georgians are actually protecting the Islamic militants
from the Russians, one can begin to see certain similarities to other
conflicts and an emerging pattern.

The scenario of a militant force committing a violent act and then
running for cover across a border where they are protected by parties
claiming neutrality is not without precedent. For example, some time
back Israeli units were similarly rebuffed by American
"peacekeepers" stationed in Lebanon after yet another Islamic
foray into Israel.

In that episode, US Marines were stationed in Lebanon on Israel's
Northern border in a United Nations sanctioned "peacekeeping"
mission. Islamic Palestinian fighters attacked Israeli targets, and
then fled to nearby Lebanon with the Israelis in
hot pursuit. According to a written statement from General Robert H
Barrow, commandant of the US Marine Corps, the US had,

its troops into Lebanon not to support and strengthen Israel's
position in Lebanon, but to support and sustain the government of
Lebanon in its own effort to regain control over its entire territory.
US Marines are not there to help Israeli forces run down escaping
Palestinians but to protect Lebanon and Lebanese from violence from
all outsiders."

One is tempted to ask the General why Islamic Palestinian
gunmen were permitted to cross the American patrolled border
into Lebanon, while the pursuing Israelis were rebuffed.
Palestinians are not Lebanese and would thus
qualify as "outsiders" to use the General's own parlance.
Ironically, this situation is completely analogous to the previous
Russian example.

The interesting thing is the Israelis would certainly
sympathize with the Russian position vis a vis Georgia's
refusal to let the military conclude their conflict. The ironic thing
here is that in both scenarios, the attackers are the Islamics
- Chechen and Palestinian. In both scenarios, the "neutral"
corner the terrorists sought refuge in were adjacent nations
controlled directly or indirectly by America. And finally, in
both scenarios the party that was attacked and attempting to respond
to the attack was rebuffed by the so-called "neutral" third party.

Thus, Israel and Russia have a common enemy in militant Islam,
and even a common impediment to their successful eradication of that
enemy in the form of the murky agenda found in American political
ambiguity. The old game of claiming one is neutral and 'I'm just
doing my job' might have worked at Nuremberg for some guard
stationed at Treblinka, but it seems woefully inadequate in the
face of a murderous military conflict

- yet here is America's power being
utilized to defend the offenders.

If we honestly survey the political landscape of our time, we see that
the most deadly enemy Israel faces is a multi-national
web of Islamic zealotry that is heavily concentrated
among the Southern flank of the trans-Caucasian states and North
Africa. This is precisely the region described in Ezekiel 38.

When we realize that the Islamic members of the oil producing member
states of OPEC and the full membership of OAPEC (the
Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries)
are both comprised of 10 kings, we find direct scriptural
support for Israel as the Little Horn that comes up "among
them" (Daniel 7:8). And when we see the final "Beast" empire of
Revelation 13 includes Russia, we can't help but
wonder why so many prophecy teachers are so far off the mark.

Furthermore, when we accurately identify these modern states and their
true role in Bible prophecy, we encounter a virtual wall of silence
from practically every wealthy and powerful "Christian" media
ministry in North America. All we hear from the politicos and the
pulpit is about America's commitment to the 'war on terrorism.'

And the more we read the Bible, the more we see verses that describe
how the Christian church in the last days will be spiritually
blind and a part of the great "falling away" from the truth of the
true Gospel of Jesus Christ (II Thessalonians 2). We see
many verses that seem to describe a religious people that have lost
their way and become so comfortable in the world that they have become
"rich and increased with goods" (Revelation 3:17). And what is
really frightening is how the Bible tells us that virtually the
whole world
in the end times - including professing

- will be like the people of Noah's

- completely unaware that the most
devastating destruction in the history of the world is about to begin.

August 12, 2002 -- James Lloyd

Copyright © 2002 Christian Media Network

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