ProFiles section of Christian Media Research is the
heart of this site. Drawn from the archival notes generated through
years of investigative journalism for our 20 year old newspaper Christian
the ProFiles are edited versions of topics that
run across the theological spectrum.

out into categories, the ProFiles feature a critical
analysis of doctrines, individuals, ministries, religious groups and
related phenomena of import to contemporary Christians. As the reader
may know, all the literary output at the Christian Media ministry
has a powerful prophetic perspective, as we firmly believe that we live
in the last days. Furthermore, because Christian Media believes
the overwhelming majority of organized ministries have all become part
of the great Falling Away, prophesied of in the New Testament,
there is no shortage of subjects for scrutiny in these files.

important point should be mentioned regarding our ProFiles.
These materials are subject to change at any time, pending a change in
the circumstances surrounding the key individuals mentioned in these
essays. Because we are aggressively involved in a long overdue scrutiny
of the widespread wrong-doing occurring in the religious arena, we want
to be just as aggressive in restoration (or at least revision of the
data), should any of the facts contained in these articles change

that end, if the reader is aware of additional data that is not included
in any of the ProFiles, we welcome your response.

forward any relevant information to:

telephone number is: 541-899-8888.

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