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Deckard's Demonics

A Profile Of "Prophet" Tom Deckard

om Deckard is a Hebrew Roots leader with a checkered past and, with several incarnations of his ministry spanning a period of decades, there is a great deal of information concerning the man and his ever changing doctrinal output. 

Deckard's Demonics

A Profile Of "Prophet" Tom Deckard

om Deckard is a Hebrew Roots leader with a checkered past and, with several incarnations of his ministry spanning a period of decades, there is a great deal of information concerning the man and his ever changing doctrinal output. 

Beating The Black Horse

Or How Barack Obama Blamed Michelle's Bad Hair Day On Bush

n the bare knuckle world of politics, few were surprised whenBarack Obama blamed the nation's economic malaise on his predecessor. After all, castigating the man in the office for making poor decisions is the stock in trade of those who wish to be elected. During the first year of what would turn out to be the odius Obama debacle, it was still somewhat credible to claim that it takes time to turn a huge ship of state around, so when the nation's woes continued to worsen, Obama could still say the Bush era policies had saddled him with a task that would take a little longer.


or many years, this writer has examined how the Spiritual matrix is multi-dimensional, and functions in a fashion which is higher than our material existence can comprehend through the facility of mind. The Scriptures say as much when we are told that a physical person is unable to comprehend this depth, unless he or she is inhabited by the Holy Spirit of the LORD of glory:

We're Told It's A True Story

n Phoenix, Arizona, a 25-year-old mother stared down at her 6 year old son, who was dying of terminal leukemia. Although her heart was filled with sadness, she also had a strong feeling of determination. Like any parent, she wanted her son to grow up and fulfill all his dreams. Now, that was no longer possible. The leukemia would see to that -- but she still wanted her son's dream to come true.

Power To Give Life ... To The Image Of The Beast?

he title phrase, lifted from the book of Revelation, where we encounter the False Prophet who had "power," with which he was able to "give life" to the image of the beast, has generated some of the most fanciful interpretations imaginable. As usual, the vast majority of explanations are in error, for the simple reason that most expositors fail to grasp the actual identity of Revelation's second beast, the one who is specifically stated in the text to be the "False Prophet."

Unclean, Unclean

n continuing efforts to mine the inexhaustible supply of Scriptural accounts which prefigure the Spiritual reality of the Gospel, I was recently struck by the intriguing verses dealing with leprosy.

The Overtaker

ust about everyone has heard of the "undertaker" – he's the guy that buries the dead; and because death is so inevitable in every strata of our existence, he's found in just about every historic setting imaginable.


he "holy day" known as Purim is a Jewish inaugurated day celebrating the defeat of the Jew's enemies in ancient Persia.

The Spirit Of Edom

n my youth, as a young man reading the Bible, I remember having considerable difficulty with the identity ofEdom. I understood the fact that the name was actually a variant of Adam as Old Testament place/names have many variations in the placement of vowels, but whenever I encountered verses where God spoke about an eternal hostility towards Edom, I often found myself bewildered by what was really going on.

The Manipulations Of "Professor" Thomas Mack

y training, Mr. Tom Mack is a mathematician, who has re-invented himself more than once in his pursuit to seek power in the Christian community. Originally posing as an expert in Bible translation, the self styled "professor" managed to convince the Prophecy Club (a Christian speaker's bureau) to book him on a speaking tour as he taught on the subject of the Bible translation controversies. He now works primarily with the emerging occultic form of soothsaying known as Bible Codes.

Angels In Orbit

his phrase, the title of my new documentary DVD, speaks of the concept of the angelic host of heaven as having an association with the planets and stars. Although the ancients repeatedly recognized a link between the starry lights in the sky and the angels, modern man continues to dismiss such notions as so much fantasy.

The Avatar Of Truth

merican movie audiences are presently enthralled with an outstanding motion picture project entitled Avatar. Although the movie has yet to be seen by vast numbers of people, those who have seen the film are aware the project embodies several technical breakthroughs which provide the viewer of the movie with a sensory perception that is unprecedented. To put it bluntly, Avatar is nothing short of spectacular.

The Perkins Circus: Don Perkins, False Prophet

on Perkins is a Rapture Cult leader, who is firmly committed to the false doctrine of Dispensationalism. Based in Southern California, Perkin’s website, aggressively promotes the false doctrine of the Rapture, as Perkins continues to draw unwary believers into his web of theological deceit. Very active as a speaker on the Cult church circuit, Don Perkins moves easily within evangelical circles, and is readily accepted at prophecy conferences across the nation.

The Harbinger

An Analysis

he Harbinger is a unique fictional book, dealing with prophecy and the end times, which has become a significant best-seller. Written by a Rabbinical mystic named Jonathan Cahn, the book is so extraordinary that it has become the source of controversy among Christian leaders, as the Internet has been buzzing for many months with theological critiques, counter-accusations, and quite a bit of petty back-biting in the church. 

Aliyah - Part II

The Journey To Jerusalem - Part II

n part I of the present series on Aliyah, we pointed out how the term has come to be utilized as a way of describing the decision to make a religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem. A complex subject, the word itself means "ascent," and has been historically used in Zionist circles to describe the choice to migrate to Israel in a broad sense, with Jerusalem in view in a more focused sense.


The Journey To Jerusalem - Part 1

n increasingly popular phenomena is occurring among Judaeo-Christians in this generation, and it is usually referenced as the practice of Aliyah -- which is a term related to the undertaking of a pilgrimage toJerusalem. Messianic Jews, "Two House" adherents (populated by those who posit the so called "lost tribes" of Israel myth coupled with Jewish believers supposedly follow Yahshua), and Torah Observant believers of various stripes are said to "make" Aliyah, which is to say they are making the journey to Jerusalem, in response to Old Testament imperatives.

Ezekiel's Beard

n the Apocalypse Chronicles radio show which I host, we recently revisited this most colorful of subjects -- and in the process, the Spirit of the LORD once again opened up new vistas of understanding. For those unaware of the significance of the amazing prophecy found in Ezekiel 5, it is a premier example of how the language of prophetic metaphor serves to communicate depth and dimension to doctrine (which must also be revealed elsewhere in plain language).

The Changeling

n a multitude of mythological accounts, a Changeling is said to be a creature who comes from the spirit world, usually a child of Faeries or Trolls, who is exchanged for a human baby, in order to bring about a desired result. The purpose of such an exchange, which varies widely in ancient lore, is frequently so theChangeling can impact the humans who have involuntarily had their child replaced.

The Return Of The Assassins

A Spike In Violence Against Iranians May Presage More Political Murders

any are surprised to learn the term assassins relates to an ancient sect which was known for thedaggers they concealed under their collective cloaks. Almost ironically, the new era of assassins (where we get our word assassination) frequently prefers knives as well; but few today are aware that here inAmerica, we have already entered into a time in which people are being assassinated by foreign powers.

Caesar's Deal

America Continues The Prophetic Parallel Of The Roman Empire As "Caesar" Promises Citizen's Protection Against The Barbarians At The Gate

s I monitor the morning news broadcasts, the Fox In The Henhouse TV news frequently provides me with enough manipulated news to spark a subject for this column -- and today is no exception. This morning, the propaganda machine sounded the alarm that budget cuts may cost the US Navy 2 aircraft carriers -- a substantial cut in military strength at a time when the American Empire is busy defending the world.

The Covenant Nation?

Antichristian Ministries Seeking Covenant Between The Nations And Israel

hile most "believers" vaguely remember there was something called the New Covenant, an agreement made between them as individuals, and Jesus Christ, the promised seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:16), what they're turning to in record numbers is the Antichrist move to replace Christ with Israel. Various groups, such as CUFI (Christians United For Israel), the Elijah List, and literally thousands of others, are using Christian sounding phrases to gradually develop the concept of a world covenantbetween the nations, and the Little Horn state of Israel.

The Figure Of The Fig Tree

s far back as I can remember, I’ve heard sermons associating the imagery of the Fig Tree in the Gospels, to the nation of Israel. Literally, tens of millions of people have been told that when Jesus told His parable of the fig tree, He was referring to the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland:


The Birds Of Babylon

n Christ’s parable of the Sower and the Seed, the LORD used the analogy of devilish birds who steal away the seed of truth, which bounced off those in the tale who heard the Word, and did not understand it. This imagery evokes a comparison of the latest strain of the Apostasia, as clusters of these unclean birds of a feather are being hailed as prophecy “experts,” even as they are warmly received in the whited sepulchers of the Rapture Cult.

Whited Sepulchres, Inc.

n the Gospels is a lesson which transcends its immediate context, as it follows the same pattern of multi-dimensional prophecy we've sought to understand for a number of years. This passage is found in the denunciations of Christ, when He articulated a scathing truth concerning the religious leaders of His time:

The Stars Shall Fall - Part III

n the present work, we've been examining the relationship between the Spiritual and the Physical, with an emphasis on how the Little Horn entity seen in Daniel can cause "stars" to fall from heaven:  

"And [the Little Horn] waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them" (Daniel 8:10).  

The Shearer Of The Sheep

The False Doctrine Of Douglas Shearer

ouglas Ray Shearer is the retired founder, and former Senior Pastor of a large religious organization in Sacramento California known as New Hope Christian Fellowship. The “Church” was incorporated in 1982, the same year Pastor Shearer’s bio states he founded New Hope, so it is self evident Shearer is fully aware of government requirements for an incorporated “Church.” The current pastor of the church (a large real estate developer) is listed as the president of the corporation – and he is also the “registered agent” of the corporation – a role previously occupied by Shearer.

The Tempter

n this life, most people make choices which seem logical at the time, and even when they are aware that certain actions are wrong, few stop to think of a profound liability which comes with those actions. Nowhere is this more acute than playing the role of the tempter. A few examples are in order.

Making Lemonade From Disinformation Lemons

he Internet is buzzing with the news that a recent news item, in which federal agents allegedly visited a Mormon food canning facility demanding lists of people storing food, has now been discredited. A retraction published by the original source of the item, a pro constitutional group called Oath Keepers, has also been published. However, something is not quite right with this story, nor the retraction.

Enemies Of The State Who Store Food

hile millions of Americans continue to live in the fantasy world where tyranny only occurs in foreign countries, the US Police State continues to take shape. In the latest bit of outrage, federal agents have visited a food canning operation in Tennessee, run by the Mormon Church, and demanded they be provided with lists of the parties which have used the facility.  

The Stars Shall Fall - Part II

n part one of the present work, we looked at the Olivet Discourse, in which Jesus told us that after the tribulation of the last days, the stars would fall from heaven:  

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken...." (Matthew 24:29).  

Freedom Of Information Act Document Bombshell:


onspiracy watchers are abuzz with a renewed energy at the astonishing news that ACARS system data (AircraftCommunications Addressing and Reporting System), finally released through a FOIA request (Freedom Of Information Act), has technical data indicating a message was actually received by United Flight 175 in Pennsylvania, a full 20 minutes after it supposedly crashed into the World Trade Center

The Stars Shall Fall

he portion of the Biblical prophetic panorama known as theOlivet Discourse (a fancy term for the predictive statementsJesus made while standing at the Mount of Olives), wherein the stars are said to fall from heaven, has been examined for many centuries, and most of the explanations have, if the reader will pardon the pun, fallen short.  


lthough the reproaches and rebukes which we receive on a regular basis vary in style and content, almost every negative reaction received at GEO/Christian Media/the V Channel is essentially summed up with the title of the present writing.  

Why Are Christians So Angry?

recent article, published by a mainstream Christian columnist and radio host, carried a similar title to the above, and I remember chuckling to myself at the literary bewilderment of the author. In the written piece, veteran writer Dan Woodingalleged that he had recently been attacked with the worst kind of "character assassination." Not being privy to the critique, but having seen Wooding's response, it's not difficult to see what had occurred.   

Dealing With The Dead

ne of the more interesting passages seen in the Gospels is where the disciples of Jesus went to Samaria to prepare the way for a visit, and they were poorly received. In that illustrative incident, the two disciples, James and John, were indignant at the village which refused the LORD:   

He Will Practice Dark Sentences

hose who have followed our long running work on the subject of the Dialectic, and how it has impacted the world at large, will recognize key words found in the prophets, as they are being fulfilled before our very eyes. The title of the present piece is such a phrase, for it is a paraphrase of a key description of theAntichrist power in the end times.

The Power Of The Holy People

ome years ago, I was struck by a key prophetic phrase found in the context of the end game, in the book of Daniel. In the midst of all kinds of military moves and countermoves, the basic idea of the verse was to say that when the LORD's "holy people" become unable to sustain a cohesive power, presumably in some sort of political sense, the end will come.