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Jack Hook

his essay is an open rebuke of Jewish Dispensationalist Jack Hook resulting from a recent email he sent out to many members of the Body of Christ, for it was an email that needs to be rebutted. In addition, as a member of the Remnant of Israel, a born-again believer in Jesus the Christ, and a student of end-times prophecies, I would like to point out an alarming trend; a growing expectation among deceived Christians who believe as Mr.

Jerry Falwell

erry Fallwell of the Liberty Baptist Church in Virginia has long been in the public eye. For many years, he has produced a national television broadcast - most recently on the Cornerstone TV satellite feed out of Pennsylvania.

The Intellectual Dishonesty of Stan & Holly Deyo

tan and Holly Deyo run a ministry called Millennium Ark, and both are popular figures in alternative media. Publicly associated with high profile media icons such as  Steve Quayle (Holly runs Steve's website), Art Bell, and other flashy figures in alternative media, the Deyos are what are usually called Stealth Dispensationalists – which is a nice word for those who have subtly infiltrated the Remnant Christian community with the Antichristdoctrine of the Rapture Cult.

The Deadly Medicine Of Dr Bill Deagle

r. Bill Deagle is a prophecy writer and speaker who burst upon the national prophecy scene last year with a series of high-profile speaking tours for the Prophecy Club 1. Deagle, who is also a medical doctor, has written a lengthy work entitled Clay and Iron - Answers To the Endtime Puzzle, in which he details his prophetic understanding. Additionally, he recently began publishing a newsletter under the banner of Clay and Iron Ministries.

The House That Herbert Built The Worldwide Church Of God

he Worldwide Church Of God is a church that was founded decades ago by the late Herbert W Armstrong. A unique blend of British-Israelism, Seventh Day Sabbatarianism, and a return to the observance of Old Testament holy days, the WCOG held a 'lesser deity' view of Jesus similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Pronounced a cult by the mainstream church, what some called Armstrongism flourished until the founder's demise. Among the most notable outreaches was the widely read magazine The Plain Truth.

We Are All Witnesses


he scriptures place a considerable emphasis on the concept of "bearing witness" (Romans 2:15). In the Gospels, Jesus said "There is another that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness which he witnesseth of me is true" (John 5:32). It is clear that Christ was referring to John the Baptist - "He was not that light, but was sent to bear witness of that light" (John 1:8).


The Doctrine Of The Trinity

he doctrine of the Trinity, or the triune nature of God's existence, has been debated for many centuries. From the outset, I will note that many, many early heretical ideas came forth from those that addressed this issue, so we are on 'high alert' as we probe the subject. In this regard, we are fully aware that many modern heresies are only variations on ancient doctrinal issues that were related to the momentous battles waged over the truth in ancient times.

Thou Shalt Not Steal Patriots And Pirates

he issue of theft of intellectual property is not at the top of the list for most remnant Christians, but in this arena Satan has managed to continue to retain a very old stronghold. For decades, in the "pop" Christian culture, the taping of Christian and secular music has been an extremely widespread practice that robs the artists, record labels, and other sectors of the industry of billions of dollars every year.

The Scoffers And The Thief

n our last issue of Currents, we looked at II Peter 3, where we found that the "scoffers" that are scheduled to arrive in what Peter refers to as "the last days" are the preterists - those that deny the literal scope of the various catastrophic episodes found in the Old Testament.


here is only one verse in the Bible that carries the word "scoffers" and it is found in II Peter 3:3. This is an interesting section of Scripture that provides the remnant believer with some crucial information concerning how to combat the false doctrines that are 'flooding the temple' even as I write these words. This often cited passage refers to people living in the last days that will scoff at the expectation of an impending return of Jesus Christ:

The Sacred Name Put To Shame

Few Christians are equipped to cope with the theological system that is referred to as the Sacred Name, and as the mainline Christian churches fall deeper and deeper into the gross apostasy that characterizes the end of the age, more and more people are drawn into what appears to be a scripturally sound system. Unfortunately the truth is decidedly different.

Romans 13: Should Christians Obey The Government Unconditionally?

n Romans 13:1-4 we read: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for good.

The Emergence Of Michael

fter describing the serial wars between the King of the North (US/NATO/EC) and the King of the South (Islamic/Arab/Africa) that bring the world to the edge of extinction, the prophet Daniel tells us "At that time shall Michael stand up" to intervene in world events (Daniel 12:1).


he Bible teaches about a time when GOD will sharply escalate his dealings with unrepentant mankind - and a time when He will reckon with His servants. Ironically, the specific period when God inaugurates the Reckoning is almost universally taught to be a time when He will do the exact opposite of what the scriptures actually tell us He will do.

Prophets Of The Lord: 100% Accurate?

s I continue to study the written word of God, I am consistently amazed at how many teachings that are commonly taught that actually do not have a firm foundation in the scriptures. What makes these 'traditions of men' even more interesting is that I've frequently found myself in a position of assuming that these doctrines were true - until I found myself compelled to study the issue out for myself.

Prince Charles: The Antichrist?

n recent years, several prophecy writers and teachers have proposed that the crown Prince of England, Prince Charles, will actually be the Antichrist. Monte Judah in his Yavoh newsletter, Businesswoman Joan Veon in her book Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince, and a Colorado author named Tim Cohen have recently produced writings with this view. The latter, the author of a book entitled The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea, has the most in-depth work on the subject.

Patch The Preterist Pirate

n the midst of the present political and religious turmoil as America inaugurates the events that will shortly lead us into the great tribulation, key "Christian" scholars, communicators, and writers are carefully positioning themselves via a new/old heresy known as preterism. This doctrinal system of prophetic interpretation, not to be confused with pretribulationism (the rapture cult), teaches that the great tribulation already happened in Jerusalem in the first century.

Lost Music of The Bible

ver 10 years ago, I heard an incredible story concerning the "lost music of the Bible" that has recently become very significant to our ministry. Many of our readers know I was at one time a Christian musician, songwriter, and record producer. Indeed, over the years I founded a Christian music record label, ran two music booking agencies, and produced contemporary Christian music projects - including an album of my own compositions and the debut project of a pop Christian artist known as Carman.

Marriage Licenses

very year thousands of people amble down to their local county courthouse and obtain a marriage license from the State in order to marry their future spouse. They do this unquestioningly. They do it because their minister has told them to go get one, and besides, "everybody else gets one." The question is, why should we not get one?

Behold The Mark Of The Beast

early every Christian is keenly aware that the Bible warns of a certain "mark of the beast" that must never be accepted. Yet few Christians are aware that they have already accepted government identification and licenses that are the slippery slope leading to the final "mark" of the beast.

Lawlessness & Litigation: Can Christians Sue Other Christians?

n the times in which we live, lawsuits have become almost a way of life. They've touched practically every part of American's lives, from the restaurants we eat in that must carry liability insurance because of lawsuits (note the recent Wendy's restaurant claim wherein a customer allegedly placed a severed human finger in her chili so she could sue them), to the malpractice suits that have become commonplace to seemingly every physician.

Jehovah's Witnesses

he Witnesses were the first of the pseudo-Christian sects that realized a proprietary translation of the Bible could be used to further their theological agenda. Previously known as the Dawn Bible Students, the group was founded on the teachings of a man named Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916).

It Doesn't Mean That To Me

've heard these six words literally hundreds of times - usually as a response to pointing out the Biblical admonition against pagan rituals associated with the Babylonian holy days (holidays in modern English). For example, just over a month ago when a local "Christian" friend was telling me how cleverly his kids had dressed up for Halloween, I told him this holiday was of Satanic origin, and should not be observed by believers. He just smiled and said it doesn't mean that to me.

All Israel Shall Be Saved?

any sincere Bible students have been deceived by the tactics of the Rapture Cult on many different fronts. One of the most notorious efforts is found in Romans 11 where a casual reading of a single verse, taken out of context, can be twisted to make it appear that at some future point God will miraculously convert all Jewish people to Christianity. This teaching is an abomination as that particular lie is deeply rooted in the Antichrist system we identify as the Rapture Cult.

A Company of Nations

n the book of Genesis, we find the intriguing prophecy that predicts that God will make of Israel "a nation and a company of nations" (Genesis 35:11). Various British-Israelite adherents encompassing what is called Christian Identity or Israel Identity have widely sought to interpret this passage as proof that their version of the so-called "lost tribes" scenario is accurate.

Islam Rides - The Fourth Horseman

or many years we have stated the conventional view of the Christian church regarding the four horsemen is inaccurate. It is widely taught that the first horse, the White Horse of Revelation 6:2, is the Antichrist. This is inaccurate, for it is now clear these four horsemen are kingdoms and eras - and the first three have already gone by.

The Heathen Roots Of The Hanukkah Bush

n the burgeoning movement that seeks to get back to the alleged "roots" of the Gospel through an ill advised re-emphasis on all things Jewish, we find one of the crown jewels of religious hypocrisy in the tradition of Hanukkah.

The "feast" of Hanukkah, also known as The Festival of Lights, has become a staple of Messianic Jewish apostasy, and as the movement grows, CINO's (Christians In Name Only), are increasingly trading in their "Christmas" trees for a Hanukkah "bush."

The Gospel of Judas

The literary work known as the "gospel of Judas" has suddenly achieved a high profile with the release of the publication, as well as a prime time television special produced by NGC -- the satellite-cable channel run by National Geographic.


National Geographic seems to have gone for the Judas material in a big way, for they're arranged significant media coverage of the literary property. Like so many other shady materials that have been traced to the early "Christian" Gnostics, the Judas gospel is of dubious integrity.

Should Christians Attack Other Christians By Name?

ecause of the lateness of the hour, and the prophesied wholesale departure from the historic Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is much dissension within the ranks of the Christian church in America. This conflict may be boiled down to two basic camps: those that focus on unity in an attempt to reconcile doctrinal differences at virtually any cost, and those that are intensely criticizing the ecumenicism of the former group.

Bible Codes Predictions Bomb Again

s I write these words, several Bible Code promoters are remarkably silent. They are 'laying low' because they issued predictions and cautionary notes just before the 4th of July holiday concerning terrorist attacks on specific US cities. The first prediction, offered on the Internet by a Bible Code enthusiast named Tom Gaston, claimed that Chicago would be dealt a significant destruction.

A Base For Mystery Babylon

n Zechariah chapter 5, there are a series of profound prophetic utterances that are rarely understood. On one level, the mysterious passages deal with the economic order of our time, but on another layer they describe, with an eerie accuracy, the devastating tribulational events that are just about to unfold. These prophecies are centered on a "woman" that is sitting in a large basket:

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he website is an outreach of the Christian Media ministry, and has been positioned to expose the unscriptural practices of those who have proven themselves to be enemies of the Gospel. Christian Media has other outreaches including additional Internet websites, print periodicals, a free e-mail newsletter, and much more. We maintain two other websites that provide significant information on Bible Prophecy and the End Times: and

The Idol Shepherd

n late 2008.writing in the Apocalypse Chronicles publication, I published a prophetic work which asserted US President Barack Obama’s association with the King Of The North, who is found in Daniel 11. Penned shortly before President Obama’s inauguration, the writing was later adapted into the book entitled Barack Obama In Bible Prophecy.

Spiritual Shielding

of you are aware Christian Media has maintained its own print
shop for our many periodicals. Shortly before Christmas, our printer,
and longtime friend of over 16 years, was murdered. The
details are gruesome, so the coroner simply called it "homicidal
violence." The perpetrator, or perpetrators are still at large,
and in an apparent effort to cover the crime, they set his body

Serpents & Scorpions

he two primary instruments of punishment that fall upon those who dwell on the earth in the end times are seen in the trumpet judgments of Revelation, and it is in the last of these trumpet judgments we encounter the personalities that are described as Serpents and Scorpions

The Mingling

Daniel's awesome prophecy of the four ancient kingdoms of antiquity
as seen in Nebuchadnezzar's famous dream of a great statue, we find
one of the most  powerful truths in all of prophetic Scripture.
Daniel's second chapter predicts the four great kingdoms of Babylon,
Persia, Greece, and Rome.