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The Winds Of War

Dear Christian Media

The war clouds over the
Middle East continue to gather - even as various diplomatic
initiatives mask the very real fact that we are about to see an all
out conflagration involving Israel and Iran.

The Beast That Was

Dear Friends,

      My long-time prediction concerning the
new leader of the United Nations did not come to pass at the
beginning of 2007. Many of you recall we believed Revelation's
description of the 8th head of the Beast seen in chapter 17 applied
to the prior Secretary-General, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali,
and that he would return to power after the exit of the 7th leader,
Kofi Annan.

Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision

Dear Christian
Media Friends, 

As we have now
entered the last half of 2006, we see all world events pointing
towards a global confrontation that will inevitably boil over into
the fiery events the scriptures describe as the trumpet judgments
of Revelation.  What is completely amazing is how numerous
Christian leaders fail to see what is occurring, or completely
misread the many prophetic signals.

The Edge Of The Precipice

Christian Media Friends, 

As 2006 came roaring in, we can
see the same trends that characterized the last half of 2005 have
continued. In fact, based upon the many world circumstances that are
converging together to the detriment of all human kind, it's difficult
to see how this year will be anything but tribulational.

Weather Wars

The God Of Forces II: The Synthesis Of Science & Spirituality

Although I've studied Biblical and planetary catastrophism for many years, recent developments associated with the field of planetary catastrophism have brought forth some amazing understanding. Many are still unaware of the simple fact the Scriptures have always taught catastrophism - the concept that the Earth has been repeatedly devastated in significant ways throughout history. For example, the great flood of Noah was among the most catastrophic events in the history of man on the planet.

Countdown To Chaos

CHRISTIAN MEDIA : December 20 2005

Senior Rapture Cultist Dave Hunt has once
again demonstrated how the Rapture Cult brand of religion is
inhabited by a powerful spirit of error. In his latest writing on
the subject, he has plainly demonstrated the doctrine can completely
cloud the mind of an otherwise intelligent writer.

Countdown To Chaos

Dear Christian friends,

The recent news items acknowledging the capture of
Islamic terrorist documents showing Al Quaida has
already deployed nuclear weapons on American soil went largely
unnoticed by the mainstream media. Likewise, the hireling pastors at
the sleeping "Christian" church have done virtually nothing to
prepare their flocks for the carnage that is about to strike the
American heartland.

The Government Who Would Be God

In studying verses in the Bible that
speak of how the "beast" will ultimately be accepted as "god," I've
been struck by the flurry of developments wherein the governments of
the world are claiming dominion over things that clearly belong to the
LORD. This is a significant fulfillment of Bible prophecy; yet
many believers don't connect such government intrusion with the
relevant Biblical prophecy.

The Sixth Seal

I write these words, the Sumatra tsunami that struck on the
morning of December 26th 2004 has killed over a
quarter of a million people
and the aftermath of the lethal
event has become widely known. Some are saying the death count will
continue to soar up to half a million. Media accounts, including video
tape of the enormous waves crashing on the shore as multitudes in its
path fled for their lives, have dominated the news for weeks.

America Turns To The Right

I write these words, I am astonished at the pace of Biblical
Prophetic Fulfillment! It seems there is not a single day that
goes by without some extraordinary event that once again confirms that
we are in the last times, and are hurtling towards the beginning of
the Great Tribulation.

All Israel Shall Be Saved?

sincere Bible students have been deceived by the tactics of the Rapture
Cult on many different fronts. One of the most notorious efforts
is found in Romans 11 where a casual reading of a single verse,
taken out of context, can be twisted to make it appear that at some
future point God will miraculously convert all Jewish people to
Christianity. This teaching is an abomination as that particular lie

His Reward Is With Him

of the most offensive doctrines taught by pre-tribulationists is the
erroneous idea that those taken in the fictional pre-tribulation "rapture"
will enjoy a great reward that will never be available
to those that come to the Lord during the great tribulation. In this
bizarre aspect of the cultic doctrine, the blind guides teach that "raptured"
believers will be the only portion of "the church" to enter in to the wedding

The Pit And The Pendulum

The Bible reassures us that, concerning the Devil's program, "we
are not ignorant of his devices" (II Corinthians 2:11). I have
observed that Satan has several basic formulas that he uses
over and over again - evidently because they are consistently
successful. It is one of these devices that I wish to elaborate on in
this essay. It may be summarized as the Pendulum Swing.

Christians Ignore Primary Prophetic Fulfillment As The Tribulation Looms

There were so many major fulfillments of Bible Prophecies last
month that I felt compelled to write a letter to describe them.
Because I'm also overdue to produce an issue of our Internet
newsletter, I wanted to send this out to our friends and supporters as
soon as possible


and include a description of the amazing events
that so many have failed to recognize are prophetic fulfillments.

The Pyramids Are Proof Of The Rapture?

Many readers of Christian Media CURRENTS are aware of
the efforts of key prophecy writers who continue to defend the
pre-tribulation rapture doctrine in spite of scriptural and historical
evidence showing the doctrine to be specious. Media figures such as Dave
Hunt, Jack Van Impe, J R Church, and Tim LaHaye
continue to promote the lucrative prophetic proposition.

The Bitter Root Of Revenge

In the Bible, we encounter the strange phenomenon referred to as "a
root of bitterness" (Hebrews 12:15)

- a threat the Bible tells us to be wary of. The
New Testament admonition that we are to guard against this disease of
the heart should be taken seriously, for the text flatly tells us that
it is through this malady that "many be defiled."

The Signs Of The Times" can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?"(Matthew 16:3)

One of the most perplexing aspects of prophecy is in the area of timing.
Readers familiar with the Christian Media ministry know that we
have aggressively sought to decipher the current events with
specificity, and to place them in a linear predictive context. To put
it another way, I believe I know and understand significant aspects of
the times and the seasons in which we live.

The Famine & The Flood An Examination Of Amos Chapter Eight

    The Bible prophesies that in the last days, the Lord will judge the Church. Of course, most Christians have heard the famous New Testament passage that the judgment of God "...must begin at the house of God." 1. To many believers, this verse just implies some sort of abstract concept that indicates that God will somehow place them first in His order of priority as He deals with mankind. Because so many Christians are unfamiliar with the Old Testament, they don't connect this judgment with a long prophesied judgment on Christian Israel 2.

Babylon In The Beginning

In Genesis 11, we have the familiar story of the Tower of Babel,
and in this historical account, we have all the primary elements
necessary to predict that eventually mankind will succeed in
constructing a unified world government. In this early stage of man's
endeavors to achieve dominion apart from God, we see the basic pattern
for the one world order, dominated by the Devil, that is destined to

The Media Demon

    About 35 years ago, as I began studying the power of media in our society, I began to realize how all pervasive the Spirit of Antichrist has actually become in America culture. As I researched the subject, I became convinced that every form of media was deeply indwelled with the Spirit of the Age.

Seven Spirits

In the Gospel of Luke, we find the ominous instruction
concerning the believer that has had an unclean spirit leave him, but
ends up with "seven spirits more wicked" inhabiting him - "and
the last state of that man is worse than the first." (Luke 11:26).
The overall context of this statement is in the chapter that speaks of
"an evil generation" which was reproached by Christ on the
occasion of the accusation that the LORD Jesus Christ

The King Of The North

The mysterious title the King Of The North is found in Daniel
11 - itself one of the most enigmatic prophetic texts in the entire
Bible. Although certain portions of Daniel 11 have finally yielded
their secrets to me, significant aspects of the modern timeline that
it most certainly describes have continued to evade my understanding.
That is all changing, as in recent days I believe the LORD has granted
much more understanding of the enigmatic character known as the King

Who Confirmed The Covenant?

In the prevailing view of Bible prophecy, the well known passage in
Daniel chapter 9 concerning the 70 weeks of Daniel is commonly
interpreted to put forth the proposition that the Antichrist
will make a 7 year treaty with the Jewish people. But is this
proposition actually accurate, and if it is not, what are the
implications for the rather large cluster of prophetic interpretations
that rest upon this idea of a treaty that will be broken "in

Strongholds And Stumblingblocks

In the course of seeking to understand why so many Christians that are
seemingly productive citizens of the Kingdom of God can
have so many diverse views, some time ago the LORD provided me
with an answer. Not wanting to dismiss so many apparently Godly people
as brazenly dishonest in their statements concerning the
understandings they stated they had received from the LORD, I
was bewildered as to how so many ostensibly faithful men could be so

Role Reversals & Prophetic ParallelsAnother Look At The Lion, The Bear, & The Leopard - Part II

    In part one of this prophetic perspective, we demonstrated how the Babylonian Empire of Nebuchadnezzar directly paralleled the British Empire of King George III. Both despots ruled opulent kingdoms with enormous influence, both lost their minds for an extended period, and both regained power thereafter.

A Fiery Trial At Club Terra

Last week's tragic fire at a rock and roll club in Rhode Island
struck this writer as an ominous spiritual foreshadowing of the
present situation facing the populace of Planet Earth. For
those that missed the morbid news coverage, the horrible episode was
captured on video - a
grotesque videographic record of many people that were completely
unaware they were about to die.

The Victims Of Validation

While I do not trust psychology because it is largely based
upon the precepts of men and not on the Word of God, I find certain
repetitive principles in that realm that have bearing on prophetic
truth. Not being educated in the study of the human mind, I am unaware
of any clinical term for the pattern I would like to expose here. The
unfortunate people that have been caught in this deception may be

The Lion The Bear And The Leopard - Part 2

In our last issue of the CURRENTS, we recognized the prophecy
of Daniel 7 applies to more recent kingdoms. The four beasts of Daniel
Seven (the Lion, the Bear, the Leopard, and the strange diverse 4th
beast) are universally seen as the same 4 kingdoms found in Daniel Two
(the head of gold, arms of silver, belly/thighs of brass, and iron
legs). This false interpretation is among the gravest of errors, for
it has helped to sustain the concept of the so-called "Revived

Genetic Death- The Seeds Of Famine Have Already Been Planted

The astounding rate at which scientific minds have learned to unlock
the secrets of creation at the molecular level has profound
implications for prophetic interpretation of end time events. At some
point in the future, we may realize that genetic research and the
manipulation of DNA processes in animal and plant life was the
single most significant contribution in bringing about the desolation
of planet Earth.

We Were All So Young

Almost 30 years ago, I had a remarkable dream that I immediately
knew had significant prophetic implications. I was deeply involved
in Christian music in those days, and had an intense desire to be a
vessel of honour whenever I was given the opportunity to minister in
music. It was common to engage in prayer with the pastor or
evangelist that would give the message that would invariably follow
the music, and I was profoundly honoured to be used by God in the
cultural art form known as contemporary Christian music.

Changing The Truth To Suit His Needs: Joseph Chambers And Paw Creek Ministries

    The Reverend Joseph Chambers is the senior pastor of Paw Creek Ministries based out of Charlotte North Carolina. Chambers, 66, has been a minister since 1957, and since 1972 has hosted a weekly radio call in program that is heard nation wide and on the Internet entitled Open Bible Dialogue. The ministry also publishes a prophecy newspaper called End Times Newsletter.

The Corrupt Tree Called The NIV

Many have already heard about the controversy surrounding modern Bible
translations; however, many Christians are still unaware of the battle
that is raging behind the lines over the WORD of God. Another literary
artillery round has just been fired by the liars that put out the NIV

- what Christian Media refers to as
the Never Inspired Version.

Santa And The Tammuz Tree

very year as the world honors the holidays (holy days), Christians
continue to follow the ancient Babylonian ritual of
placing an evergreen tree in their home and decorating it. Clearly,
many believers are aware the Christmas tree is associated with Pagan
religious idolatry, but they continue to rationalize their involvement
because they claim that God has now "sanctified" the holiday

Escape From Planet EgyptPart 2

n last weeks edition of the Christian Media CURRENTS,
we looked at how the Egyptian linear chronology of history has been
distorted with an error that averages anywhere from 400 to 700 years.
This error is largely related to the kings-list that has been handed
down by the ancient Egyptian historian Manetho.

Escape From Planet EgyptPart 1

Prophecy students that have been paying close attention to the
prophetic 'signs of the times' will have long ago noticed how Egypt
continually resurfaces as a 'type' and simile of the world. For many
years, Christian pastors have preached sermons that point out the fact
that, throughout scripture, Egypt symbolizes the world.

The Extraterrestrials

The debate over so-called "alien artifacts" on the planet Mars is
heating up again with the release of yet another video showing
definitive evidence of civilization on Earth's near neighbor. A new
2 hour program entitle Redstar

The Martian Genesis from
Christian prophecy teacher Stewart Best is again stirring up a
subject that has been simmering for the last 25 years.

The Builders

The symbol of the Egyptian pyramid on the dollar bill as a signature
of Masonic involvement in American finance is very significant
as " is admitted that the secret system of Freemasonry was
originally founded on the mysteries of the Egyptian Isis, the
goddess-mother." 1. The cult places an odd emphasis on
building and construction in that the term
"mason," according to the dictionary, actually means "a

Strong Delusion

the rapture doctrine sweeps across America in the most
unprecedented fashion in modern history, very few realize
that the spiritual trap has been set, the snare has snapped
shut, and the prophesied Strong Delusion is
already upon us. I'm speaking of the false doctrine of
dispensationalism, and the marketing tool of that

The Woman Is That Great City

In a previous Christian Media CURRENTS, we showed how Zechariah
chapter 5, prophesied concerning the system of commerce that
is to be so significant in the finale of human history. The vision of Zechariah
clearly associates the mercantile system that is conveyed through the
concept of an ephah (a sort of basket that forms a unit of
commercial measurement) with the spiritual reality we know as WICKEDNESS.