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A Base For Mystery Babylon

In Zechariah chapter 5, there are a series of profound
prophetic utterances that are rarely understood. On one level, the
mysterious passages deal with the economic order of our time,
but on another layer they describe, with an eerie accuracy, the
devastating tribulational events that are just about to unfold. These
prophecies are centered on a "woman" that is sitting in a large

The Scoffers And The Thief

n our last issue of Currents, we looked at II Peter
3, where we found that the "scoffers" that are scheduled to
arrive in what Peter refers to as "the last days" are the preterists
- those that deny the literal scope of the
various catastrophic episodes found in the Old Testament. The
preterists equivocate the Old Testament record of those destructions


There is only one verse in the Bible that carries the word "scoffers"
and it is found in II Peter 3:3. This is an interesting section
of Scripture that provides the remnant believer with some crucial
information concerning how to combat the false doctrines that are
`flooding the temple' even as I write these words. This often cited
passage refers to people living in the last days that will scoff
at the expectation of an impending return of Jesus

A Compnay Of Nations

In the book of Genesis, we find the intriguing prophecy that predicts
that God will make of Israel "a nation and a company of nations."
(Genesis 35:11) Various British-Israelite adherents encompassing what
is called Christian Identity or Israel Identity have
widely sought to interpret this passage as proof that their version of
the so-called "lost tribes" scenario is accurate.

Israel Inverted: All Israel Is Not Israel

Christians are gravely concerned about the rising anti-Semitism in the
United States and elsewhere. Recently, an organized group of Aryan
Nations related membership constructs announced a political
demonstration condemning Jewish influence in America. Published
statements have also demonstrated these groups are willing to
associate themselves with militant Islamic groups based on
their mutual hatred of Jews.

The Big Bear And The Little HornHave Israel And Russia Come To A Common Cause?

Because the false prophets of pre-tribulationism have widely
conditioned the deaf, dumb, blind, and scripturally illiterate "evangelical"
Christians into believing that Russia is destined to be the
great power from the North that invades Israel in the last
days, few can accurately see the reality of the political arena that
has emerged in recent times. For the last 30 years or so, ever since
the epic best seller The Late Great Planet Earth popularized

The Song Of The Spirit

Over 10 years ago, I heard an incredible story concerning the "lost
music of the Bible" that has recently become very significant to our
ministry. Many of our readers know I was at one time a Christian
musician, songwriter, and record producer. Indeed, over the years I
founded a Christian music record label, ran two music booking
agencies, and produced contemporary Christian music projects - including an album of my own compositions and the debut project of a

The Culting Of Christianity

Miscommunication & Perception

I recently had an interaction with a Christian that reminded me how
important it is to recognize a phenomena that virtually all
counter-cult experts have documented. This is the simple fact that
words and doctrines that seem to be universally understood in a
Christian context can carry a completely different meaning to
people that have been ensnared in a cultic mindset.

Bible Code Predictions Bomb Again

As I write these words, several Bible Code promoters are
remarkably silent. They are 'laying low' because they issued
predictions and cautionary notes just before the 4th of July holiday
concerning terrorist attacks on specific US cities. The first
prediction, offered on the Internet by a Bible Code enthusiast named Tom
claimed that Chicago would be dealt a
significant destruction. Gaston even emailed the print out of the "codes"

We Are All Witnesses

he scriptures place a considerable emphasis on the concept of "bearing
witness" (Romans 2:15). In the Gospels, Jesus said "There
is another that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness
which he witnesseth of me is true" (John 5:32). It is clear that
Christ was referring to John the Baptist
- "He was not that light, but was sent to bear witness of that light"
(John 1:8).

The Little Horn

While most prophecy authors simply assign the various prophetic
passages that mention the little horn as just one more description of
the Antichrist, the truth is decidedly different. While
there is an Antichrist association with these dark passages, a
critical layer of identification is found in the modern states
that are presently leading the world towards a military holocaust. The

Patriot's DayApril 19, 1775

Friday, April 19, 2002, is the 227th anniversary of "Patriot's
Day." The word "patriot" is derived from the Latin root pater,
meaning, "father." The PATRIOTS that defied government gun control
at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 227 years ago, were the "FATHERS"
of American freedom and liberty under God.

Gog And Magog Are Gathering Momentum

The long prophesied military cataclysm that is described in Ezekiel
is moving ever closer to fulfillment. The famous prophecy,
heavily cited by Christian prophecy teachers everywhere, speaks of a
massive military attack on the nation of Israel in "the
latter years" (Ezekiel 38:8). The nations involved are relatively
easy to identify - with the exception of the instigator of the
event who is known as Gog and Magog.

The Book

    The word "bible" translates, literally, to "book."
So the Bible is "the Book." But is it just a book?

    The Holy Scriptures, comprised of the Old Testament
and the New Testament, is actually 66 separate "scriptures"
(writings) from about 40 authors on several different continents. The
manuscripts were written in three different languages over a
1,600-year period.

Birds Of A Feather Falsely Prophesy Together

On Tuesday March 26th 2002, radio host Steve Quayle once
again provided a platform for false prophecies - to say
nothing of promoting the work of "Christian" preachers that
propagate completely false doctrine. While Quayle continues to
provide the radio vehicle for false doctrine put forth by his "prophet"
guests, he simultaneously seeks to distance himself from the false
statements those guests put forth. In short, Quayle wants it both

Patch The Preterist Pirate

n the midst of the present political and religious turmoil as America
inaugurates the events that will shortly lead us into the great
, key "Christian" scholars, communicators, and
writers are carefully positioning themselves via a new/old heresy
known as preterism. This doctrinal system of prophetic
interpretation, not to be confused with pretribulationism (the

The Father Of Our Country

George Washington was born
in Virginia in 1732. For 67 years, until his death in 1799, he would
display a disciplined Christian morality, a devout sense of honor
and duty to country, unwavering military and political
leadership, and a profound belief in the Godly destiny of this nation.
His bold, fearless leadership and strength of perseverance were the
very glue that held the American Revolution together.

Catastrophic Christianity

   The majority of mainstream Christian churches focus on what could be
called the "Jesus the good Shepherd" aspect of Christianity. This
child-like version is a good starting point for the Scriptures do tell
us "except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye cannot
see the kingdom of God" (Matthew 18:3) However, the Scriptures also
tell us that eventually we must graduate from the milk of the
Word to the meat.

Spies And Prophets

At the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, 21-year-old
schoolteacher Nathan Hale was asked to spy on the
British. He personally despised the morality of spying, but became
convinced that foreknowledge of British intentions was necessary. Hale
was captured as a spy and ultimately hung by the Redcoats. In one of
the most famous quotations we have recorded in our history books, just
before he was hanged, Hale declared, "I regret that I have but one

The Return Of Planet X

There are numerous indicators that the mysterious body at the edge of
our solar system that has been sighted by scientists and astronomers
is the prophesied world that we refer to as Planet X. For about
30 years, astronomers have theorized the existence of another planet
in OUR solar system.

Islam Rides - The Fourth Horseman

or many years we have stated the conventional view of the Christian
church regarding the four horsemen is inaccurate. It is widely
taught that the first horse, the White Horse of Revelation 6:2,
is the Antichrist. This is inaccurate, for it is now clear
these four horsemen are kingdoms and eras - and the
first three have already gone by

Behold The Mark Of The Beast

early every Christian is keenly aware that the
Bible warns of a certain "mark of the beast" that must never
be accepted. Yet few Christians are aware that they have already
accepted government identification and licenses that are the
slippery slope leading to the final "mark" of the beast.

It Doesn't Mean That To Me

've heard these six words literally hundreds
of times
usually as a response to pointing out the Biblical admonition against
pagan rituals associated with the Babylonian holy days
(holidays in modern English). For example, just over a month ago when
a local "Christian" friend was telling me how cleverly his kids
had dressed up for Halloween, I told him this holiday was of Satanic

Man's Law Or God's Law?

Saturday, December 15th, was the 210th anniversary of the
adoption of the United States Bill of Rights. Bill of Rights
is no longer listed on calendars, no longer mentioned in the
media, and not celebrated by Americans. This is to be expected, since
the "God-given" and "unalienable" rights enumerated in the Bill
of Rights have been forgotten.

The Conspiracy Of War

    The Holy Bible (KJV) uses the word "conspiracy" 27 times. With the thought of conspiracy in mind, the Bible refers to "the rich men of the world..." even as Revelation warns us of the rise of the One-World government that comes to power in the end times.

    Throughout man's recorded history, war has been the tool of kings and ruling cabals to expand their kingdoms, wealth and power. In this regard, the Scriptures repeatedly refer to the governments of men as "kingdoms" and "beasts."

God Bless Babylon?

Since the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade
Center and the Pentagon, the request, "God Bless
America," has become a popular and politically correct prayer. God
Bless America
is the official motto of the United States.

SURROGATES Part IV Posing As An American, Barack Obama Is A Foreign Born Islamic Socialist With A Hidden Agenda

he present series us examining the phenomena of Surrogacy, the process wherein individuals, political factions, and even nations, are engineered as an extension of a hidden hand seeking to further an unseen program.

As previously stated, although the sophistication of the practice has increased dramatically, it is actually an ancient subject. Perhaps the most striking example of a modern version of this is found in the person of Barack Hussein Obama.

Surrogates - Northcom Al-Qaida Front Imbedded In New Libyan Government With Fall Of Qaddaffi, The King Of The North Has Engineered A New Libya

he emerging Northern dominated world government, seen as the King of the North in the prophetic book of Daniel, has successfully inserted their alter ego, Al Quaida, into the revolution which has just occurred in Libya. With this move, Libya follows the lead of Egypt, in which a military faction, heavily laced with an Islamic power structure secretly associated with the Northern power, replaced the government of Hosni Mubarak.

Food Distribution Program Is The Core Of Beast Government Control Economy Destroyed By Government Draws Citizens To The Government For Help

ven mainstream media has noticed the soaring rates of food assistance enrollment, as the government's Food Stamp programs have exploded with recipients. With 46 million people now receiving food from government controlled programs, when things get even tougher, this amounts to a communist mob which will seize anything and everything in its path, in order to remain fed.

Christian Political Activist Smites Policy Of Ron Paul Chaplain Klingenschmitt Looks Like A Lamb, But Speaks Like A Dragon

n Internet ministry figure who came to some degree of notoriety after he was reprimanded for praying in Jesus' name in his role as a military chaplain, has aggressively criticized Presidential candidate Ron Paul, in a large Eblast circulating on the Internet.


n our weekly TV news broadcast, which is recorded on Sundays for airing that same week (Sunday is the first day of the week), we just carried a story in which an American researcher indicated that, although Fukushima related radiation measurements "spiked" in the month of March on the West Coast, "the levels we recorded aren't a concern for human health."

The Height Of Hypocrisy

s I write these words, US Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton is repeating the demand that Syria's Bashir Assad resign. Claiming he is ruling illegitimately, the Obama mouthpiece continues to exhibit to the world the incomprehensible hypocrisy found in the American political double mind.

WHEN MONEY FAILED The Egyptian Example - Part II

n yesterday's commentary on the continuing economic crisis, we addressed how a vast amount of food reserves, set up for Pharaoh by Joseph in anticipation of a gigantic famine, brought vast amounts of money into the Egyptian treasury. The text in Genesis tells us all the money was dutifully given to Pharaoh by Joseph, who had been appointed the equivalent of Prime Minister, or in the ancient provincial expressions, Grand Vizier.

When Money Failed The Egyptian Example In The Book Of Genesis Is The Pattern Predictor

lthough the global monetary order seen in modern times is infinitely more complex than the ancient agricultural economy found in the Egypt of the Pharaohs, I've learned the Bible always provides the best "lamp to my feet," in terms of worldly concerns. Thus, in the midst of what is obviously the beginning of a complete financial meltdown of the existing economic system, I turn to the Word of God for knowledge, guidance, and direction.