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L A Marzulli - false prophet, radio host and author, see The Birds Of Babylon.

Lampholder - Ministry of Shirley Ann Miller, Lampholder is mainstream with almost no discernment whatsoever. With a broad mix of Jewish supremacism and aspects of Sacred Name (refusing to print the word God instead using the hackneyed G-D for instance, the internet publication quotes favorably from blind guides and false prophets like Rapture Cultist Jim Bramlett.

Still honoring the pagan Tammuz celebration known as Christmas, the publication also promote Hannukah -- a Jewish feast that was never inaugurated by the LORD that has roots in the Luciferian festival of Lights associated with the Roman Saturnalia. In a 2002 essay, Miller completely misidentified the white horse of Revelation 6 as Mohammed -- a seriously flawed misdirection of the scriptural truth.

Lamsa Bible - See George Lamsa & The Peshitta in the ProFiles section under Media. See also the ProFile books The King James Controversy: Which Bible Is The Word Of God? and Satanic Translations: New Age And Sacred Name Bibles.

Lankford, David - Stealth Dispensationalist Pastor formerly associated with the Assemblies of God, who touts the Post-Tribulation Rapture, while still espousing the Antichrist doctrine of Jewish primacy.


Last Trumpet Newsletter - David J Meyer prophecy publication. See the online essay in ProFiles section on David J Meyer And The Last Trumpet.

Latino Gangs - Associated with KJV term "fanners" found in Jeremiah 51:2 as part of the judgment of "Babylon" (the term means strangers or immigrants), Southwestern and Central and South American groups such as the Salvadoran MS 13 criminal syndicate have been exposed as colluding with the smuggling of Islamic terrorists into the USA. See Latino Gangs To Be Warlords In Post-Apocalyptic America. See also Chavez of Venezuela.

Leal, Nathan - Another Nearsighted Watchman.

Leonard Horowitz - Dr Len Horowitz is a familiar figure to Shortwave radio listeners and conspiracy researchers. A former practicing dentist, after studying HIV-AIDS incidence in dental transmission, Horowitz authored a marvelous book entitled Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, which documented government complicity in the manufacture and spread of disease. He followed up with Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse, a work that moved well into gnostic mysticism. At one point, Horowitz actually marketed something called a "prayer machine" -- an approach evidently associated with personal computers. His medical research was superb, but his spiritual house is a disaster. Now firmly propagating thoroughly non-Christian and occult concepts while professing himself to be a believer, Horowitz promotes just about anything but Biblical Christianity.

Letter Of The Law - Expression used to accentuate perfect adherence to the legal statutes of the Mosiac Covenant. See the essay Letter Of The Law

Lew White - Sacred Name author of book Fossilized Customs. See the essay Sacred Name.

Libertor, The – Newsletter of Jewish Supremacist Bill Schnoebelen. See The Big Snow Job Of Bill Schnoebelen.

Linda Kristich - Periodic substitute radio host for Craig Portwood on his now Internet only broadcast. Kristich is the woman that supports Craig Portwood. See the ProFile under Wolves on Portwood. MORE

Lively Stones - Metaphoric statement used by the Apostle Peter to describe the Christians as the temple of God. See the essay Lively Stones

Lord's Coming Herald - Amillennialist newsletter put out by Wesleyan oriented writer Gary Cutler. See The Lord's Coming Herald under Media in the ProFiles section.  

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