Snapshots - V

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Velikovsky/Immanuel - Extraordinary Jewish intellectual that wrote many books providing breakthrough insight into planetary catastrophism, historical timeline revisionism, and politics. After being blacklisted by US intellectual establishment because his sweeping revolutionary concepts showed vast amounts of false foundational premises in numerous fields, Velikovsky had difficulty getting published. At one point, Velikovsky wrote a column for the New York Post under the pen name Observer, and monitored developments at the UN, and the establishment of Israel. Christian Media has published those essays as The Formation Of Israel. We have also republished multiple Velikovsky titles including In The Beginning, The Assyrian Conquest, and The Dark Age Of Greece.


Victory Community - Carolina based commune run by Pastor David Roberts. Victory has had interactions with Brother Stair, the South Carolina commune leader. Roberts has embraced the Sacred Name heresy, and has thus fallen into significant error.

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