False Prophets

ne of the most misunderstood terms in the Bible. Jesus told us that we would be inundated in False Prophets in the days preceding His return. Christian Media Research considers the primary characteristics of False Prophets to be found in Deuteronomy chapter 13. There, the text tells us a False Prophet is one who is "a dreamer of dreams," or one who performs "a sign or a wonder" and then leads people to follow "other gods."

This is in sharp contrast to the mainline church perspective that a False Prophet is one who fails to achieve 100% accuracy in his (or her) predictions. That descriptive passage, found in Deuteronomy 18, actually provides the Messianic characteristics of the prophet that God promised would be like unto Himself. This grave error, in the most fundamental description of what constitutes a False Prophet, has critically hampered the organized Christian church from recognizing the Antichrist power in their midst.

Because the Babylonian "Christian" church has subtly shifted the truth of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet, the ProFiles carried in this section of the website frequently describe individuals the mainstream church has largely refused to acknowledge as False Prophets.

This section of Christian Media Research includes a lengthy treatment on the subject of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet.

Dr. Ed Hindson

A Teacher Tailored For Itching Ears

he Dean of Biblical Studies at Liberty University – the late Jerry Falwell’s College – Dr. Ed Hindsonhosts The King Is Coming TV show, and is considered one of the premier defenders of the PreTribulation Rapture doctrine in the nation. Hindson’s foolish doctrinal stance is, unfortunately, being utilized to mold the minds of his hapless students (11,000 students at the school, and an estimated 40,000 receiving instruction off campus), as he fills their heads with nonsensical lectures such as What To Do If You’re Left Behind, and his supposed rock solid “proof” of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture at a recent Steeling the Mind conference. 

Green Eggs And Hamp?

Nephilim Author Douglas Hamp Claims Genetic Mutation Will Produce The Image Of The Beast

he above reference, drawn from children’s author Dr. Sues’ childlike rhyme entitled Green Eggs and Ham, was recently alluded to by prophecy author Doug Hamp, who connected genetic research to his worldview on the Biblical phenomena of the fallen angels, more frequently referred to as the Nephilim.

Missler's Twist

The Machiavellian Machinations Of Chuck Missler

istorically closely associated with Calvary Chapel, former electronics executive Chuck Missler is one of the most talented public speakers we’ve ever seen. Gifted with lightning fast speech, an exemplary vocabulary, and the ability to paint compelling word-pictures which  captivate audiences small and great, Missler has built a substantial empire – consisting of media outlets, educational institutions, and prophecy outreaches encircling the globe.

Deckard's Demonics

A Profile Of "Prophet" Tom Deckard

om Deckard is a Hebrew Roots leader with a checkered past and, with several incarnations of his ministry spanning a period of decades, there is a great deal of information concerning the man and his ever changing doctrinal output. 

The Manipulations Of "Professor" Thomas Mack

y training, Mr. Tom Mack is a mathematician, who has re-invented himself more than once in his pursuit to seek power in the Christian community. Originally posing as an expert in Bible translation, the self styled "professor" managed to convince the Prophecy Club (a Christian speaker's bureau) to book him on a speaking tour as he taught on the subject of the Bible translation controversies. He now works primarily with the emerging occultic form of soothsaying known as Bible Codes.