his portion of ProFiles has been designed as an easy reference source, in order to identify some of the ministries that carefully conceal their true agenda. In many cases, individuals other than the founder or figurehead of a particular ministry pursues media exposure in order to benefit their particular institution.

In such cases, the ministry may have an abysmal doctrinal stance, but that theological position is concealed in an effort to draw new traffic into their spiritual mousetrap. This type of chicanery is relatively common in radio interviews, wherein a spokesperson from an aberrant group seeks to be identified with a populist cause - thus ensuring a lack of critical scrutiny when radio listeners respond to their message.

At the same time, some fine Christian ministries are not always recognized under their ministry name, due to a higher name recognition of their primary leader. The Ministries section of ProFiles hopes to help make these connections for those who want to pursue the work of specific individuals.


Similar to Gay Marriage, Planned Parenthood, The Federal Reserve, and Christian Scientists, Yahwehbenyahweh is just another oxymoron (emphasis on the moron) from the pit. The self-proclaimed "son of god" is the spiritual founder of the P.E.E.S.S Foundation (pronounced "peace"), which is an acronym for Politically Economically Educationally Socially Spiritually.

God's Wrath On Lisa Ruby

isa Ruby is the author of a book refuting the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine entitled God's Wrath On Left Behind. Married to Mr. Lisa Ruby, a man named Gary, Lisa has executed an end run around the Biblical imperative regarding the disallowance of women taking the pastoral leadership in teaching.

Remnant's Hope & Pastor Tim Butler

Tim Butler is a former member of the Brother Stair commune in South Carolina. He claims he gave Stair significant amounts of money before breaking with the aged radio figure (for more on Stair, see the ProFile under False Prophets). As I had been monitoring the burgeoning scandal alleging Stair's sexual contact with underage girls, I was interested in Butler's then independent Shortwave broadcast entitled Remnant's Hope, where he exposed Brother Stair's illicit activities.


Prophecynewswatch is one of hundreds, if not thousands of prophecy oriented "Christian" websites. Like so many others, this web presence is false on so many levels it's difficult to know where to start. One gets a clue on the front page as they advertise the latest book from Rapture Cultist Chuck Missler.

The Prophecy Club A Critical Examination Of That Bunch In Topeka Kansas With The Registered Trademark

he Prophecy Club®, a national touring and Christian speakers bureau, is currently embroiled in a controversy involving charges of financial irregularities, misrepresentation, and abusive practices involving Christian prophecy authors and other ministry figures inside and outside of the company.

The Cutting Edge - aka David Bay

The Cutting Edge is another Rapture Cult website that is making substantial inroads into Remnant circles. In what could be dubbed the Second Wave, this site represents a rather dangerous form of Rapturism in that such "ministries" have adapted themselves so that they appear more like the true Remnant ministries that have had some success in the last few years in drawing people out of the Whore of Babylon.