he Christian Media ministry is deeply involved in the Remnant Christian and Patriot sectors of America that have quietly emerged in recent years. In this arena, there are quite a few commercial organizations that have developed by servicing the needs of the populace in these areas.

Although many true Patriots and Remnant Christians disagree on vast numbers of issues, most recognize the dreadful conditions that are threatening to overwhelm the world in general, and America in particular. While the Bible refers to the Tribulation, parallel traditions describe the immediate future in similar terms. Thus, many people are engaged in accumulating preparedness related items that run the gamut from stored food, to gold and silver.

This section in the ProFiles group of this website lists various suppliers and vendors marketing goods and services in this arena. Whenever possible, we've offered a brief commentary on these organizations.

Ripoffs Unlimited A Critical Examination Of Response Unlimited - A Christian Direct Mail Company

ver the years, Christian Media has had occasion to do investigative journalism on a variety of media sectors engaged in a multitude of Christian ministry activities. Some of our more recent readers are unaware of the fact that before our organization became so intensely involved in Bible Prophecy, we spent many years in commercial media work specializing in the Christian media - hence the actual name of our ministry.